Hot Groomsmen Lose Their Tuxedos for 'Serious' Portrait (PHOTO)

serious groom photoIt's a good thing this bride has an excellent sense of humor. When Joe Mulvihill's future wife Rachel asked him to take only "serious" photos with his groomsmen, he complied. Sort of. Mulvihill didn't so much as crack a smile for his portrait, and neither did anyone else in his crew. All six men stare straight at the camera, most with arms stoically folded, looking as serious as serious gets. There's just one little thing.

Mulvihill and his groomsmen aren't wearing any clothes.


joe mulvihill serious portrait

Oh all right, they're wearing their undies.

Obviously we love this photo. But how did Mulvihill's wife feel about it? "She laughed and immediately told me to put it on Reddit for 'Internet points,'" the newlywed told Huffington Post. And so he did post the groomsmen in skivvies photo, to the enormous appreciation of the community there. You caught the guy with his cowboy chaps boxers, right? Nice.

I guess it's not surprising that a guy with this kind of sense of humor would marry a woman who totally gets it. So I'm happy for them both! Weddings can get way too serious and way too high-pressure. I love that Mulvihill found a way to let off some steam. Mwa ha ha.

And it doesn't hurt that he's pretty easy on the eyes, right? Not that I'm looking. I'm just saying. Congratulations you crazy kids!

What would you do if your husband took a photo like this ... and posted it to the Internet?


Image by Lucas Anderson for Amelia Soper Photography

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