The Duggars Share Wedding Portraits for Their 30th Anniversary (PHOTO)

duggarsThe Duggars must be feeling nostalgic -- they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this week! And to commemorate the special day, their kids posted the Duggars' 1984 wedding photos on Instagram. "Happy 30th anniversary to the most amazing parents ever!" they wrote. "More in love today than ever! And such a great example for all of us kids!" Daww, that's so sweet. I think Michelle and Jim Bob definitely still have a youthful twinkle in their eyes, even though Jim Bob just celebrated his 49th birthday. How can their kids not be inspired?


If you think about it, it's kind of amazing that their kids recognize that their parents are "more in love today than ever." Michelle and Jim Bob would have to demonstrate that all the time for their children to notice. Holding hands, kissing -- all that gross stuff kids claim they hate seeing their parents doing? It's actually great for them to see.

Every couple has the opportunity to model a healthy relationship for the next generation. They're demonstrating how you love a person long-term, how you keep the romance alive, how you show your love -- or they're not. Either way, children are always watching and soaking it all up.

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That's why I think a couple is always justified in making their relationship a priority, even after they have kids. Especially after having kids! It may feel like you don't have time, or that you're drained by your kids' demands. But it's not a "nice to have" -- it's essential. Everybody wins when you and your spouse have a healthy, happy relationship.

Happy 30th, you crazy kids!

What kind of impression do you think your kids have of your marriage or relationship with your significant other?


Image via Duggarfam/Instagram

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