Bride Accidentally Invites Strangers to Her Wedding & Gets Best Picture Ever (PHOTO) **UPDATED

wrong number text weddingThere are some moments during your wedding you know you'll remember for the rest of your life. For a couple from England, that moment came when the people they'd accidentally invited to their wedding via a wrong number text message showed up for their wedding photos.

Assuming this is not an Internet hoax, it's easily one of the greatest wedding stories in history. It all started when the bride-to-be (Kristen) sent out a text message to someone (it's not clear who) providing the address and time during which they would be taking wedding photos. Soon it was revealed that she had the wrong number, but the total stranger she texted replied: "We still coming."

He was true to his now-famous word. They came. They saw. They took photos. The result was amazing.


wedding text photo bomb

I don't care how old and jaded you are, this is just the greatest photo ever, right? I love how happy the wedding party looks. I love everything about it.

The truth is, ALL those perfect wedding details you stress about leading up to the big day aren't the things that matter a decade into the marriage. What I remember most about my wedding more than 11 years ago were the hilarious moments -- the trumpet player climbing up on the stairs and playing until his cheeks turned tomato red, the bagpiper who was WAY too loud, the groomsmen taking beers and stashing them in the bathroom just before last call from the open bar.

All those little "imperfections" were what made the day.

So this bride invited the wrong people. She had a lapse that could have completely stressed her out. Instead, it made her wedding unique and put all of them in the spotlight. It's incredible and legendary.

The next time you text the wrong number, you never know what might happen as a result. This is truly serendipity at its finest.

Would you be mad if this were your wedding?

**Update: The Washington Post reported today that, as I suspected, this is actually a hoax. The real bride and groom who took the amazing photo have come forward and told their story about how this photo came to be. It's a good one! Sadly, "we still coming" isn't true. But the sentiment still is.

Images via © and hackneysfinest/Instagram

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