What Your Diamond Engagement Ring Says About You (PHOTOS)

What Your Diamond Engagement Ring Says About You (PHOTOS)

what your diamond saysWhen it comes to diamond engagement rings, even the most coy and surprised of affianced women probably had a preference in mind. Whether it was a round cut or a deep setting with pave diamonds surrounding the main stone -- or in my case, a three-stone ring with emerald-cut diamonds -- many women have an idea of the kind they want even if their future spouse is the one doing the actual ring shopping.

And why not? It is, ostensibly, the most important piece of jewelry we will ever own. Not to mention the most expensive. And if we are lucky, we will wear it every singe day for the rest of our lives. It's a tall order and, according diamond experts, the one we pick says a whole lot about the people we are.

what your diamond says

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"The first question I ask a man who is looking to propose is, 'What kind of person is your girlfriend?' We choose the stones and setting based on the answer,'" says Priyanka Murthy, designer and partner at jewelry wholesale and custom design company Arya Esha.

In other words, there is a ring for every kind of woman. But exactly what type of person likes what type of diamond? Here are 10 popular diamond cuts and what each might say about your personality and style:

What kind of ring do you wear?

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  • Round Cut


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    Think TRADITION with the round brilliant cut: "When I think of the kind of woman who sports this cut, her style can range from traditional to modern, but always has a classic angle," says private jeweler Katherine Huang.

  • Princess Cut


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    The princess cut has the brilliance of a round cut but with squared edges. "I would describe this client set as sweet, but certainly not wall flowers," Huang says. "They have an eye for style and are not interested in wearing what everyone else is wearing."

  • Emerald Cut


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    An emerald cut is a classic step cut, so the lines "create the feel of a frame within a frame," says Huang, who finds this shape attracts "modern and self-assured" women.

  • Pear Cut


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    The light bounces off a pear cut in a non-uniform pattern. It's lovely. "Clients who opt for these tend to be traditional with a flair for the unique," Huang says.

  • Asscher Cut


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    According to Huang, the asscher cut with "the linear feel of an emerald cut with the approachability of a princess cut" would best serve women who are "unique, modern, and elegant."

  • Cushion Cut


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    The cushion cut gets its name from the rounded corners, making it reminiscent of a pillow. According to Huang: "My clients who choose these shapes tend to be romantic with an appreciation for vintage."

  • Heart Shape


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    The heart shape is rare in engagement rings and tends to be chosen in large sizes (three carats and above), says Huang. It appeals to "true hopeless romantics who appreciate a little drama in their jewelry," she adds.

  • Marquise Cut


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    Jewelers like the marquise cut because it lends itself to unique designs. According to Brilliance Jewelry COO Jonathon Ohayon: "The bride who wears the marquise loves to be the center of attention. Think a lavish ceremony with an over-the-top reception, and you’ll understand who this dramatic cut was designed for. This cut appears larger than it really is, as the shape maximizes carat weight."

  • Oval Cut


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    The oval cut is a softer cut, and there is a lot of variation that makes every one of these rings unique. "This perfectly symmetrical cut has classic, almost reserved lines, much like the understated bride who wears it," says Ohayon. "A reception at the country club suits the tasteful aesthetic of the couple that choose this cut."

  • Radiant Cut


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    The radiant cut has a dramatic sparkle. "Trend-setting and chic, the radiant cut is designed to have the best qualities of both the round and the princess," says Ohayon. "This bride may be indecisive, but she knows what she wants when she sees it."


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