11 Crazy Couples Stock Photos That Make Your Marriage Look Perfect

Adriana Velez | Jul 15, 2014 Love & Sex

couple looking at ceilingHere at The Stir, we go through a lot of stock photos, looking for just the right pictures to go with our posts. And we have to tell you -- there are a lot of wacky couples photos out there.

Some of them are too silly to use for a serious post. Some of them make us wonder what the heck the photographer was thinking. What the heck are these couples supposed to be doing, exactly?!? We gathered a few of our favorites and made our best guesses.

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We'll say this much -- at least the couples in these photos make your relationship look normal. (We think?)


Image © JuliaMilberger/iStock

  • Lip Lock FAIL


    © Chris Schmidt/iStock

    Is this how it works, this "kissing" I keep hearing about? I know our lips are supposed to touch, but somehow I think the angle is off. I thought this was supposed to come naturally. What are we doing wrong?

  • Couple Who Fell in Love With the Ceiling Instead of Each Other


    © JuliaMilberger/iStock

    So close. And yet so far away. (What's up there???)

  • Worst Date Ever


    © innovatedcaptures/iStock

    I think we've all been here. Amirite, ladies? Gripping that table isn't going to make it any better.

  • Whose Arm Is It, Anyway?


    © razyph/iStock

    Janet and Cliff had the perfect relationship until Cliff noticed Janet had spectacular arms and wanted one for himself. Janet, selfish bitch that she is, would not give Cliff either of her arms. She said it would hurt too much, and anyway, she needed both. And didn't he have two perfectly good arms of his own? So rather than break off her arm, she broke off their engagement. I guess we all have our limits.

  • Meanwhile, Back at Sunset Canyon Ranch: SEDUCTION OR POISONING?


    © Flutter_97321/iStock

    Philburt was caught off-guard when Wanda came on so strong. What was it that she wanted from him, really? Horses neighed softly outside while Wanda worked Philburt's golf shirt buttons. If only she weren't so gosh-durned sexy.

  • When Couples Share Too Much


    © chadrob/iStock

    Jack never felt self-conscious about his premature balding until Mindy suggested making him a wig with her hair.

  • He's Just Not That Into You


    © CREATISTA/iStock

    In fact, you kind of make him barf. Time to move on.

  • 5 Ways to Thrill Your Lover With Nature



    Tickle her teeth with grass! She'll love it! We swear! It won't be the least bit annoying!

  • When They Knew They'd Hit a Wall



    Steve and Deanne knew they wouldn't last long if they had to spend their entire marriage holding up that one wall with their foreheads. It was definitely time to move out of that house.

  • We're Flying, We're Flying!



    Annette knew she'd found the right man when he took her flying up in the sky with her. Take that, Lois Lane! You're not the only girl dating a superhero. Show-off.

  • How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?



    You're not supposed to use your teeth!


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