The 1 Food You'd Never Expect to Supercharge Your Sex Life

flirty ladyDo aphrodisiacs really work? Wouldn't we love to think all you have to do is slurp up some raw oysters and suddenly you are a sex goddess, ready for anything, right now, on the table. But the truth is there's very little science backing up that myth. It's pretty much all in your head. If you believe eating chocolate will turn you on, it just might. There is an interesting exception, though. Scientists may have found one true aphrodisiac, and you will NEVER guess what it is. It's something you may already eat every day!


It's apples.

You were hoping I would say ice cream? Yes, as anticlimactic (heheh) as it sounds, apples may boost your sex life. Who would have thought? I guess Eve was on to something in the Garden of Eden!

In a study of 731 healthy sexually active women ages 18 to 43 (yes, yes, that is a small sample -- read on anyway), half were told to eat 1 to 2 apples a day, while the other half ate none. Everyone filled out an evaluation of their sex lives, rating things like frequency, orgasm, lubrication, and overall satisfaction. And guess which group had the best sex? The apple eaters.

Now. How on Earth could this be?!? You wouldn't ordinarily think of apples as something you eat to improve your sex life. Scientists think it might be the polyphenols and antioxidants. These help you feel aroused by sending blood to your lady pleasure centers. Or it could be the phloridzin, which is similar to estradiol, a female sex hormone.

Want to try and replicate this study yourself? Well, you could do worse than eating an apple a day. It's a nutritious food that will benefit you in several other ways, and there's no harm in eating apples, either. Worth a try, I think!

What do you think -- does any food make you feel sexier?


Image © ShaneKato/iStock

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