Newlyweds Jill Duggar & Husband Derick Do Something Adorable to Save Money

clippersOkay, want to see the most adorbs newlywed photo two people can possibly take? Here's Jill Dillard giving Derick a haircut. Everyone: Aww! Jill used the clippers to groom her guy and the hashtag "#savemoneylivebetter" to share. It's hard to tell if this is before or after the already clean-cut Derick got trimmed, but he sure looks happy with a towel over his shoulders and his new wife attending to him. But this photo isn't just about saving money -- it's also a great way for a new couple to bond.


I'm sure the Duggars would tell you, little acts of service like these bring a husband and wife together. It's a cliche because it's true. Derick is going to be one of those sweet old men who still gets a haircut from his wife at the age of 83. It'll be one of their rituals. Or not! I mean, maybe someday he'll start going to a barber. But even then, they'll always remember their newlywed days when she cut his hair.

Of course, this could go south quickly. Another couple could end up quarreling over what he wants and what she delivers. So this is also a great exercise in working together, appreciating each other's efforts, and communicating with love.

But if everything is working, this is a sweet activity for a couple. You're touching each other a lot, she's looking at him (and probably admiring him), and everything else has stopped so they can have this moment. It's just a chore that needs to be done, but it's the kind of chore that can bring a couple closer together. I hope they keep it up.

Are there any ordinary chores or rituals you and your husband do together that brings you closer?


Image ©, via jillmdillard/Instagram

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