9 Major Kissing Fails to Avoid If You Want to Keep Him

kissingAre you a good kisser? Do you have any idea? I don't think any of us are walking around thinking "yep, I'm a lousy kisser, that's me!" However, there's always room for improvement. Yes? And since Sunday is International Kissing Day it's a good time to give yourself a smooching assessment. Perhaps your embraces use a bit of fine-tuning. Kissing, Relationship and Body Language Expert, and co-founder of L'amour TV, Katia Loisel gets us started with her list of top lip-smacking no-nos, and we've added a few more of our own. Are you guilty of any of these pucker misdemeanors?


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1. The sloppy kiss: Loisel says a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss releases testosterone and can help women get in the mood. HOWEVER, you can definitely go too far with this one. Start off slow and work your way there. And watch the slobber. No one should have to wipe their mouth after a good kiss.

2. The dead fish: "Kissing is a game best played with two – so if you’re into them, don’t just sit there, show some enthusiasm and let them know that you’re into the kiss as well," Loisel says. We couldn't agree more! Don't make him do all the work, and don't let your mind wander to your to-do list. Stay focused on the fun and participate.

3. The tongue down the throat: Yeah, don't strangle him with your tongue. It's not an athletic event.

4. The darting tongue: This is when you dart your tongue in and out of his mouth like you're a lizard. I don't know that this one is really so awful, but depending on how it's done it could be kind of weird and just plain confusing.

5. The same-o same-o: Do you kiss the exact same way every time? We all love familiarity, but try and vary things a bit. "Studies show that men rate tongue kissing higher than women, so spice things up by alternating between a hot and heavy smooch and a more sensual kiss," Loisel suggests.

6. The vacuum cleaner: Maybe don't turn his head inside-out with your kiss. UNLESS he actually like that kind of kiss ...

7. The dry peck: Aww, this is the sad kiss that says, "yeah, not really into you right now." At least try for a little softness in there and linger a tiny bit.

8. The breath of death: Unavoidable for that first kiss of the morning in bed. But otherwise, check your breath before you go in for the smooch. Let's stop pretending women never had bad breath or fart.

9. The creepy stare: A lot of couples smooch with our eyes closed. Every once in a while it's fun to kiss with eyes open, but make sure you avoid that awkward moment when he happens to peek and all he sees is you giving him a dead stare, like you're spy trying to decide if it's time to stab him in the neck with your stiletto.

Do you have any kissing pet peeves?


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