5 Male Celebs Who Wear Engagement Rings -- Should Real Men Do It Too? (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Jul 7, 2014 Love & Sex

As the wise Beyonce once warned us: If he liked it, then he shoulda put a ring on it.

But don't we like our men back? Is it really fair that he goes out of his way to scrimp and save for that diamond solitaire engagement ring and we return the favor with ... a thank you? And never mind the cost of a ring -- that isn't even the point. It's a romantic gesture. One that reminds us of commitment and the promise of a future together. It always seemed odd to me that men weren't expected to (proudly) show the world they were "taken" too. What's that about, anyway?

Well, the days of engagement rings made for women only may be behind us. Manly men like Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen are wearing engagement rings -- why wouldn't the "mangagement" ring catch on? We spoke with wedding expert Amanda Gizzi to get all the details on this trend.

Gizzi, a spokeswoman for Jewelers of America, says the trend of men rocking engagement rings was a topic of conversation long before Depp pranced around in his. For the record, he's actually wearing fiancee Amber Heard's actual ring, not a "male" engagement ring. But it's the thought that counts, right?!

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Though they aren't mainstream yet, Gizzi says the mangagement ring is becoming more accepted by American men.

"What the trend comes down to is that men and women both want to show their commitment during the engagement period," Gizzi said. "There's no better symbol than a ring on your left finger to show that commitment."

When it comes to styles, Gizzi reminded us that most men are NOT Johnny Depp and will, therefore, probably not be thrilled with the idea of wearing a dainty diamond on their digit. She says they're opting instead for solid platinum or gold wedding band styles -- and some of the more daring grooms-to-be get theirs set with diamonds.

The best part of the mangagement ring fad, in my opinion -- and a totally sweet tradition that is often followed by couples in Latin American countries -- is that the man wears the ring on his left finger until he says "I do." He then switches the engagement ring to his right hand to make room for his wedding band.

Here are 5 celebrity men who love their mangagement rings, and a few styles we think would work perfectly for any real man.

Would you give your fiance an engagement ring?


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  • Johnny Depp


    Johnny Depp's "chick ring," as he calls it, is actually a woman's ring that he bought for fiancee Amber Heard, but that didn't fit her finger. Rather than get it resized, he pretty much sparked the "mangagement" trend by boldly wearing his diamond solitaire with pride.

  • Charlie Sheen


    If a bad boy like Charlie Sheen is confident enough to wear an engagement ring to show his commitment to Brett Rossi, then ALL men should feel like they can get away with it too. The actor opted for a style that looks similar to an unadorned wedding band. Get a better look at Charlie Sheen's engagement ring here.

  • David Otunga


    David Otunga isn't just a professional wrestler, actor, and attorney -- he's Mr. Jennifer Hudson. The actress embraced the mangagement trend in a major way by giving her love a solid platinum ring that looks like it could survive any storm. David wears his ring everywhere, and there are few things sexier than seeing him sport it around their son.

  • Michael Buble


    Singer Michael Buble married Luisiana Lopilato, who is from Argentina, where it is custom to give men engagement rings. He had no problem honoring his wife's tradition and even joked about it at a concert: "The boy wears the engagement ring [in Argentina]," Buble said. "That's what she tells me anyway." Buble sports a simple silver band.

  • Osi Umenyiora


    Leila Lopes, aka Ms. Universe 2011, is engaged to Atlanta Falcons player Osi Umenyiora. The gorgeous pair didn't just both buy engagement rings -- they both got pretty swanky engagement rings that feature major bling. Lopes proudly posted on her Instagram: "The RINGS. Yes I put a ring on him too."

  • A Mangagement Ring With Bling


    Even though most men would probably shy away from wearing bling, this ring -- given to Atlanta Falcons player Osi Umenyiora by former Ms. Universe Leila Lopes -- is as fancy as you get. It's disguised as a traditional wedding band but is lined with a whole bunch of sparkling diamonds.

  • Simple and to the Point


    Here's a simple silver titanium ring any man will wear. It's no-frills but features a clean border. And you can easily engrave the inside to include a sweet message meant for your love's eyes only.

  • Bit of Black


    Why not make his engagement ring totally different from his wedding ring by including a tough band of black around it? This Black Carbon Fiber Inlay Polished Tungsten Ring looks tough and modern but totally classic.