Sleeping Naked Could Save Your Marriage

sleeping nakedWhat do you wear to sleep when you go to bed at night? Are you in sweatpants or an old T-shirt like me? Or do you have specially made pajamas that keep you warm and cozy? Would you ever be willing to change up what you wear? What if I told you that what you wear to bed might actually be the difference between you having a successful marriage and ending up unhappy?

A new poll from Cotton USA (because sheets are made of ... cotton?! Or??) shows that the secret to a happy marriage is found in sleeping naked. The poll of 1,004 people showed that 57 percent of those who sleep in the nude said they were happy in their relationships. Just 48 percent of those who wore pajamas said the same. Even worse, only 43 percent of nightie wearers and 38 percent of those in footie PJs reported being "happy." (Although, really? Who sleeps in those past the age of 6? NOT sexy at all.)

Who knew it could be so easy? Except that it isn't. At all.


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I did a brief poll of some friends, and the truth is very few couples sleep in the buff. This is mostly because we have children who come in at all hours. Personally, I fear a fire in the middle of the night that might drive us outside, but it's not just that.

Sleeping naked has lost its charm for me. Early in our relationship, I know my husband and I did that more, although then it was less a case of wanting to be nude and more a case of falling asleep after being naked together. It was nice, but things have changed. We are tired now, three kids later.

Most nights, one (or three) of our kids end up in our bed, and walking around naked just doesn't seem so appealing when we'd have to explain why Mommy and Daddy don't have any clothes on. Maybe we are making excuses, but I'm guessing many of those couples sleeping naked are actually still early in their relationships. No wonder they are so happy!

In all seriousness, the next time my husband and I have a weekend away or a guarantee that no tiny humans will bug us, we'll be trying this out for sure. It's easy to see why it might be true. Easy access! Plus, when you see it, you want it. And lots of sex is the key to a harmonious union.

It's all coming together now.

Do you sleep naked?


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