Bridesmaids Flash Their Bare Butts in Crazy Wedding Photo Trend

weird wedding photo trend, bridesmaid flashing butts

There's a new outrageous wedding photo trend in town, and it leaves zero to the imagination. This one is all about the bridesmaids, and when we say "all about," we mean alllll about.

More and more professional shots are circulating of bridesmaids lifting up their dresses and baring their butts for the camera. 

Don't believe me? Well, there have been plenty of photos of the bare-bottomed bridesmaids posted for all the world to see ...


I can't even! When you think "wedding," you naturally think "an opportunity for my best friends to flash their booty when we're taking pictures for posterity."


Because weddings and the asses of your friends have absolutely nothing in common. Aren't these grand occasions among the last few where formality is celebrated? Shouldn't we be relishing the chance to dress up all while keeping our bare backsides tastefully hidden away? Coy, cute, and goofy photos are one thing, but revealing a glimpse of your nudie-bum is like knowing the punchline of the joke: Out of context, it makes no sense! 

Do not in any way misunderstand me. I am in full support of doing something unique when it comes time to taking your wedding photos. I'm not a huge fan of zombies or anything, but I was totally amused by that outbreak of zombie-themed wedding pictures -- that was weird and fun. Cool memories being made!

I guess you could make the argument that these behind-baring bridal party shots are also just another way to make memories.

That's all well and good, but I doubt very much you'll want to share those pics with anyone else -- especially given the whole "going viral" issue. You know these things are getting around! Totally tacky!

Would you ever try this trend?


Images via JohnHopePhotography/Flickr  

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