11 Women Reveal How They Felt About a Fling Before Their Wedding Day

bride crossing her fingers behind her backFrom bridal showers to registering for fine china, certain pre-wedding traditions never cease to lose their sparkle. At the same time, there are certain things most of us would assume no bride-to-be would be doing before walking down the aisle -- like think about having one final fling before the ring! But apparently, 17 percent of brides would have one last hookup with their ex, according to the latest David's Bridal "What's on Brides' Minds" survey. Get this: 5 percent said they'd love a last-minute rendezvous with the best man! Wow!

The stat is a shocker, so we had to put the question out to current and former brides, asking if they ever even thought about having a final fling. The responses ran the gamut from horrified at the thought to revealing confessions that surprised even unflappable us ...

  1. "I have never understood the 'last night single' mindset the night before your wedding day. If you were single, you wouldn't be getting married. From the day I enter a relationship, until it ends, I am faithful."
  2. "I have an open marriage and always have. I had no need for a secret fling. He knows all about everything I do, and if I have a desire for something, we talk about it."
  3. "With my first husband, I was stupid enough to think it was real love. With my second, I considered a fling, but didn't do it. With my third, not once have I thought of being unfaithful, even right before the wedding."
  4. "Who DOES that? What a slap in the face to the person you have already agreed to commit to for life!"
  5. "We'd gone on a several-week 'no sex ban' prior to the wedding, because I wanted some of that first time excitement on our wedding night. So, the only one I was hot for was my soon-to-be husband! We were very anxious for our wedding night, and it was awesome."
  6. "I had a fling, and it sucked. I wish I had picked someone better. I knew that I wouldn't cheat after, and I wanted one last 'experience' before going into it. I don't regret it, I just regret the guy."
  7. "I wouldn't even have said yes if I thought for even a moment that I would want to sleep with anyone else. Sex is easy to find, love is not. I think anyone feeling they need a fling before the vows isn't really committed to the relationship and shouldn't be getting married yet."
  8. "I did have sex with someone I was attracted to right before my wedding. Wanted to get it out of my system. BIG mistake! My husband never found out, but it was the best sex I've ever had. Been married for almost 30 years, and that one night fling is the only orgasm I've ever had."
  9. "By the time you're planning a wedding, it's too late for the last hurrah."
  10. "I did have a final fling. And as it turns out, I never really got over the dude and probably should have married him instead. My take is that if you are feeling the need to have a fling, you are marrying the wrong person. It's a total red flag that something isn't right."
  11. "Hell yes. I wanted a last romp with my ex [with whom I] had an amazing sex life. He said no. Luckily, my husband is good in bed and has been for 15 years. But I'd still have sex with my ex if he were interested. I know I was the best sex he ever had. The relationship had a lot of issues, but did I mention the sex?"

Did the thought of having a "final fling" before your wedding ever cross your mind?


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