How Your Own Name Can Affect Your Marriage

namesIf you are anything like me, you can hear someone's name and feel like you know everything about them. It's not something conscious or even something we'd confess to thinking, but let's be honest here. You imagine someone different when you hear the name Tiffany or Brittany versus Elizabeth or Catherine. It's just a fact.

The truth is, our names reveal so much about us. Self-proclaimed name expert Kerrie Hopkins believes our names tell a lot about how we are in romantic relationships and what kind of partner is a match. In fact, that's what her website is all about.

Whether you believe her interpretations or not, you have to admit that many of her insights are uncanny. Last week, Hopkins analyzed men's names for The Stir. This week we asked her to do OUR names.

Here are 5 popular women's names (including mine!) decoded and how women with them fare in marriages and relationships.


1.) Sara: She is a no-nonsense go-getter. She's capable, smart, shrewd, and if she's in a relationship, she's going to get things done her way. Don't even bother arguing about it.

2.) Sasha: She is fun and creative. She is very theatrical, tells a good story, and loves her friends. She'll be loving in a relationship but needs her guy to appreciate her. If he doesn't, he'll be the main character of her next story.

3.) Catherine: She is a worker. She's capable and knows how she wants things done, but wants an equally capable partner so they can have a secure financial lifestyle. To be in a relationship with her, you need a job and you need to want the same things.

4.) Jennifer: This is tough because Jen, Jennie, Jenny, Jenni, Jennifer are all different in their needs in a relationship. Jennifer is a nice person. She's a real parent pleaser. She'll take care of her family, partner, and future family. She's always trying to please everyone around her. Hopefully she finds someone who doesn't take advantage of her kindness.

5.) Mary: She loves her girlfriends. She's capable, hard-working, and usually gets married young -- or does the opposite and waits much longer than other people to commit. Her female friends love her sense of humor and playfulness, but she definitely nags her partner and tells him how things need to be done. She needs a capable guy who doesn't mind being told what to do.

Our names are everything. They define us. They shape us. They tell people who we are. As they say in the Lightning Thief: "Names have power." And how.

What do you think your name says about you?

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