Bizarre New Nose Spray Could Mean Hotter Sex for Women

couple in bedLadies, get ready to smell your way to a better sex life -- and I'm not talking about seductive aromatherapy. A nasal gel called Tefina promises to increase the number of orgasms women have. It was developed for women with Female Orgasm Disorder -- women who have an extremely hard time climaxing, or can't at all. And it could save your marriage ... or not. Here's what you need to know about Tefina.


First of all, this would be a drug requiring a doctor's prescription. The active ingredient is testosterone, and you don't want to play around with that hormone. So it's not something ordinary women can pick up at the drug store next to the condoms to enhance the orgasms they're already having.

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Something else to keep in mind: It's not wildly effective. The most recent trials (boring numbers alert, boring numbers alert, commence drinking coffee to stay awake) involved 253 women with Female Orgasm Disorder. Over 84 days, women taking Tefina before sex achieved an average of 2.3 orgasms -- but they had sex an average of 14 times over that period. (Compare with women who took a placebo and climaxed 1.7 times.)

So imagine you're smearing this gel into your nose (so not sexy!!!) but out of 14 sexual encounters you're going to climax only a couple of those times. Come on, science. Can't you do better than that?

Oh well, at least there don't appear to be any side effects.

Up until now, all women have had to treat FOD was therapy -- which works for some. But many women seem to need something else, and a drug like this could make a big difference, if only scientists could come up with something that works most of the time instead of every once in a blue moon.

Orgasms really do matter in a marriage. They're part of the positive reinforcement we get to continue bonding with our mates. Sex is one of the most important ways couples connect and feel close to each other. Sure, you don't have to have a climax every time you have sex to feel close, but it certainly enhances the whole experience, by a lot.

Would you try a drug like this if you thought it worked at least half the time?


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