‘Sexy’ Men’s Underwear Comes Scented or With Pockets – Yum? (PHOTOS)

man opens presentWe have a novel idea for a Father's Day present -- but it's something you may want to give your husband after the kids go to bed. It's lingerie for men! Doesn't it seem unfair that there's no men's equivalent to Victoria's Secret? No? Just me? I'm the only one who thinks men need sexy himgerie? Whatever. Just hear me out. UnderCover MensWear sent us a couple of fun men's undies to try out and we couldn't resist taking a look. We even got a couple guys to try them out for us. Here's what they thought -- and you can decide whether or not this is the right Father's Day present for your guy.

What's better, another necktie or scented briefs?


scented underwear

Come Hither Scented Underwear: Where's that cologne scent coming from? Follow your nose to find out! These men's fragrance-scented briefs come in their own special carton with little scent pellets, so as long as you store them there, they'll keep their smell (even after you've washed them!). They were cut kind of low. But that doesn't matter because our tester says no way in HELL is he wearing scented underwear anywhere, any time. We should just be glad when men wear clean underwear. And I'm wondering if there's going to be an odd taste ... ??? Sorry, France -- Americans are apparently not quite ready for scented undies. Le Boxair Scented Underwear, $65.


Spanx for Guys: Introducing ergonomic, directional briefs. What exactly makes underwear ergonomic? In a nutshell (tee hee), it's compression in the butt and thighs, with a directional "pocket" for his package, which leans to the left or the right depending on his preference. Our tester reports that the compression was firm, but not uncomfortable at all. The pocket appeared snug enough without being squishy, although no man is ever going to think a pocket is large enough for him. Overall, let's just say they are extremely flattering. I give these a big thumbs up. I mean -- our tester does. I mean -- heh, you know what I mean. Cahoonas Ergonomic Directional Underwear, $65

speakeasy underwear

Not-So-Secret Pocket Underwear: UnderCover didn't send us these -- we found them online. Speakeasy briefs have pockets for stuff like money and ID cards and ... really, you're going to keep a whole flask in there?!? Whatever else you don't want to imagine him carrying around in his underwear. Why does this exist, again? Oh yes, bachelor parties. I suppose your husband could carry condoms in there if you're trying not to make any more babies. Speakeasy Briefs, $23.95

It appears we still have a ways to go before we achieve true gender equality in the lingerie department. Keep trying, underwear manufacturers! In the meantime, maybe get your husband some fancy beef jerky and hot sauce?

What do you think of men's lingerie -- something you want, or just plain weird?


Image © Janet Kimber/Blend Images/Corbis

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