10 Things You Must Do Once You Get Engaged

engagement ringThe very first thing you are most likely to do after getting engaged is having a good long kiss with your soon-to-be spouse. Happy engagement! Feel the love! But after all the kissing (and all the other ways you want to show your love), you'll most likely want to share the news with everyone you know.

Not so fast! You'll get to that, of course, but there are some things you should do first. I spoke with Brittny Drye, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Love Inc., a wonderfully curated online magazine for all things weddings, for the scoop on 10 things you must do once you get engaged.

  1. Soak in the moment. Just be together. Don't tweet, Facebook, or Instagram any details of what just occurred -- even though you are tempted and it's such a momentous event. Instead, take the time with each other to feel all the amazing feelings that come with a marriage proposal. This is your once-in-a-lifetime moment. Spend it together.
  2. Get a manicure. Now that you have a gorgeous ring on your finger, you should treat yourself to a manicure because everyone is going to want to look at your sparkler. You shouldn't have four-week-old chipped emerald green polish ruining the pretty.
  3. Plan some alone time with your fiance/fiancee. "Whether the question was popped on top of the Eiffel Tower or in the comfort of your home, you were likely too overwhelmed with emotion to really take it in," Drye shared with us. "Considering the next several months are going to be filled with meetings, and pinning and browsing wedding blogs and magazines, take an evening just for the two of you to really celebrate this huge step."
  4. Take a photo of yourselves but do not share just yet. Document that pure look of love on your faces so you can look back on it years from now and remember that exact moment.
  5. Call your family and friends. After you've soaked it in and really lived in the moment with the love of your life, then you can tell the people in your lives. Make sure all the important ones know before you post anything on any social site.
  6. Get your ring insured. "If it wasn’t handled during purchase, be sure you get your engagement ring or band insured stat," Brittny said. "While you can add it on to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, I recommend working with a company that specializes in jewelry."
  7. Dream about the day. Brittny reminds all newly engaged that this is the fun part! "You may have already talked about your wedding day vision, but if not, now’s the time. While you don’t have to decide on cake flavors, you’ll want to get an idea if you are leaning toward a more modern celebration or rustic chic soiree."
  8. Set up a wedding fund. "I recommend setting up a specific savings account through your bank or high-interest sites and depositing a specific amount each paycheck," said Brittny. "Even if you aren’t planning a big blowout, you’re still going to be spending (probably more so than you expect!), and you want to try to avoid starting happily ever after off with a big credit card debt."
  9. Set a date. "One of the first things people ask you after oohing over the ring is, 'When’s the wedding?' so be prepared," Drye added. "While it doesn’t have to be the date, as this will rely on venue availability, you’ll want to discuss with your partner beforehand the desired year and season. If a date isn’t even on your radar yet, come up with a response such as, 'We’re just overwhelmed with joy about being engaged! We plan on sorting out the details when we come down from Cloud Nine!'"
  10. Enjoy the engagement. The engagement is a part of the wedding, too ... only the engagement is longer and you'll have time to remember more details. Have fun with everything -- the cake tasting, picking out a dress, choosing flowers and music. Avoid getting overwhelmed as much as possible, and if you do, take a breather ... and have another #3 -- alone time with your fiance.

What would you add to this list? Are you following the suggestions?


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