Famous 'Love Guru' Says Women Are to Blame When Men Cheat

couple fighting Linda Joyce is a self-proclaimed 'love guru' and boy does she have news for you. Sleep with a guy on the first date? He's going to think you're less attractive. Married and your guy cheats on you? That's not 'betrayal'! That's blowing off steam. Ever wonder why men lie? It's because we women and our 'feelings' make things too difficult for them. 

I wonder if Linda Joyce is actually a Mens' Rights Activist in drag. Since I have no way of sussing that out in the immediate here and now, I will go ahead and say that if she actually is a woman, that makes her claims even more unforgivable. Joyce knows about as much about men as she does about her gender. And it's not a lot. How do people like this get book deals?! I don't get it. But Linda DID score a book deal, and now she's talking about everything she's learned about men and women. 


Talking about men and women in such simplistic terms does us ALL a disservice. Joyce's big hang-up seems to be the fact that women are 'emotional'. She says that emotions make thing difficult for men. Maybe there are instances where this is true, but damned if I wouldn't like to think that we as a species are more complex than that. Her description of the sexes makes it sound like women are constantly running around screaming with sheets over our heads while men bang their heads against walls in order to experience pain the only way possible to them. 

That said, Joyce didn't come up all empty. She interviewed hundreds of men for her new book, and across one resoundingly obvious but important fact about women and men. If you want something from your male partner -- tell him! I know I've been guilty on occasion of expecting my partner to basically be able to read my mind, which isn't fair. That said, she doesn't talk about how important it is for men to try and understand these feelings and wants instead of running away from them because they view them to be problematic. 

Do you think there's any truth to Joyce's claims?


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