The 1 Thing You Can Do to Get in the Mood for Sex

sheetsWhat is it with this disconnect we women sometimes have? We want to enjoy sex and we know it's insanely fun. But it can be hard to get ourselves into that mood. We're juggling so much throughout the day, we can't just flip a switch that turns on the sexy groove for us. If only it were as easy as putting on a Beyoncé power ballad and slipping on some lingerie, right?

We asked sexy lifestyle expert Dana B. Myers for advice on getting into the mood for sex, and her suggestion was unlike anything we'd ever heard before. Here's one hot tip that will rock your world in a major way.


Myers recommends indulging in sexual fantasies throughout the day. You know, just letting your mind wander into naughty territory.  "It's simple," she says. "The more you think about sex, the more you see 'sexy' in your daily life, the more desire you’ll have. The 'hornier' your mind becomes, the more your body will crave sex and the easier it will be to get in the mood."

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But how do you spark those fantasies? Start by paying attention to anything and everything that awakens your senses throughout the day -- no matter what it is. It doesn't have to have anything to do with sex. Just things that get you excited in any way.

Get yourself a little notebook to stash in your bag or use an app on your phone to make notes of the things that you see, feel, smell, and hear throughout your day that please you, sensually. It could be anything: the words on a sign, a piece of art, the taste of strawberries on your tongue, a hot stranger touching his glistening biceps on a sweltering summer day ... even the sensation of being touched by a stranger in a crowded elevator. There are no wrong answers here. This is about you and what sparks you up! So, if it gives you a little tingle, jot it down.

Any time during your day, while you're running an errand, sitting in traffic, or folding laundry, look at your notes. Use one or more of those details to launch a sexual fantasy. It can be any kind of fantasy you like. "Whether it's naughty or romantic, just allow your mind to go where it wants to," says Myers.

This sexual head game is something that can change the way your mind works over time, if you make it a regular thing. It's all about taking it on in small bites, when you can. And hey, this is Dana's specialty. She runs "Mommy Mojo Makeover" workshops that help moms get their sexy groove back. This is one of the most important techniques she teaches her participants.

It almost sounds too good to be true: Just thinking about sex more will magically make you feel sexier. But why not? They say the sexiest part of your body is your mind. 

Do you ever indulge in sexual fantasies? How do you get started?


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