Couple Playing With Handcuffs in Bed Get Key Stuck in an Embarrassing Place

Poor Michelle. The Canadian woman, whose last name has remained a secret and for good reason, is obviously one heck of a hoot to have in bed -- something I'm sure her partner Jason would confirm. She's open to a little role-playing fun in the sack and was playing princess to her man's fire-breathing dragon when the couple ran into a little bit of trouble with one of their props.

Michelle and Jason, who agreed to share their story on TLC's Sex Sent Me to the E.R., were using a pair of handcuffs in bed -- which is more or less a mainstream "toy" at this point and not all that shocking. But you may be a bit surprised at what they did with their handcuff key. And I'm betting doctors were just as stunned when Michelle was rushed to the hospital that same night.


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While playing out their princess/dragon fantasy, the handcuff key was put into Michelle's vagina and then got stuck in her uterus. Oh my gosh, ouch!

The couple must have had quite the conversation at home before finally deciding to hop in a car and hightail it to the hospital because they apparently didn't 'fess up right away to docs about what was wrong. I wonder how they figured docs would be able to help without that necessary information?

Well, Michelle and Jason finally had to give up the details. And we're betting their faces were some shade of crimson. After examining her, docs discovered the handcuff key got tangled up in Michelle's IUD contraceptive device and was positioned way the heck up by her cervix.

For anyone considering trying this at home, E.R. Doctor Michelle Pearl has some words of wisdom for you -- well, one word -- don't. "We're talking about a very jagged metal object in a very sensitive place," Pearl told TLC.

Look, stuff happens in the heat of passion. Wonderful stuff. Sometimes, awkward and bizarre stuff. But I'm referring to calling your partner a dirty, embarrassing name -- not putting sharp objects inside you. This couple's chemistry must be BEYOND intense, because there is no way ... nope, none -- I can't even think about it. It hurts too much!

What's the craziest thing you've ever done in the heat of passion?


Image via Campco Photos/Flickr

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