8 Obnoxious Couples Selfies You Should Stop Sharing Now (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | May 29, 2014 Love & Sex

sean loweHi, my name is Adriana, and I have posted obnoxious couples selfies. I admit, I am guilty of this. Just the other week while on a trip with my boyfriend we snapped a photo of ourselves kissing in front of a sculpture that spelled out LOVE. I know, right? And I SHARED it. Why? Because I'm happy, that's why. And because it was freakin' adorable ... to me, anyway. But deep down I knew I was doing that thing couples do: Sharing the sappy couples selfie. I'm still not sorry, and I may even do it again. However, I will try not to. And just to prove I know what to avoid, I've compiled a list of classic annoying couples selfies none of us should ever take, no matter how happy we are.

  • The Goodnight Kiss


    Jessica Simpson/Instagram

    Ugh, Jessica Simpson, get a roo-- oh wait, you are in your room. In fact, you're in bed. I don't really want to be here with you and your husband. I'm so uncomfortable. And I'm also wondering if there's a third party taking this photo because I don't see either of your arms extended. Double ew.

  • The Bathroom Selfie


    Kim Kardashian/Instagram

    I have to believe this was Kimye's witty way of mocking the classic OK Cupid bathroom selfie we've all seen too many times. Otherwise .... ugh.

  • The Ogle



    This is Sam Worthington and his girlfriend but you'd never know it because his eyeballs have fallen into her cleavage.

  • The Kissing Close-Up


    Sean Lowe/Instagram

  • The Gratuitous Bling Flasher


    Sean Lowe/Instagram

    And did you happen to see my huuuuuge engagement ring? I could pick on these two all day, but I'll move on.

  • The Vacation You Took Without Us



    Okay, fine, technically this isn't a selfie. But you know what I'm talking about -- total bliss in some impossibly gorgeous setting far, far away.

  • The One Where One of You Looks Annoyed




    I could just be reading this wrong, but does Tom Brady look like he's barely tolerating this selfie business?

  • The Misdirected Declaration of Love


    Image via Aaron Paul/Vine

    Yes Aaron Paul. We know. We know. (Aw crap, I tried to find a selfie of Aaron's that annoyed me but I failed -- I even love this, to be honest.)


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