8 Obnoxious Couples Selfies You Should Stop Sharing Now (PHOTOS)

sean loweHi, my name is Adriana, and I have posted obnoxious couples selfies. I admit, I am guilty of this. Just the other week while on a trip with my boyfriend we snapped a photo of ourselves kissing in front of a sculpture that spelled out LOVE. I know, right? And I SHARED it. Why? Because I'm happy, that's why. And because it was freakin' adorable ... to me, anyway. But deep down I knew I was doing that thing couples do: Sharing the sappy couples selfie. I'm still not sorry, and I may even do it again. However, I will try not to. And just to prove I know what to avoid, I've compiled a list of classic annoying couples selfies none of us should ever take, no matter how happy we are.


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