5 Foods Perfect for the Bedroom (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | May 27, 2014 Love & Sex
5 Foods Perfect for the Bedroom (PHOTOS)

food to use during sexFood and sex. That makes up exactly 100 percent of what human beings think about on a daily basis. Okay, so that might be an exaggeration -- but only a slight one! We need food to keep us alive and sex to propagate the species. Plus, if you're doing both right, they can be delicious and a heck of a lot of fun.

In fact, food and sex are so entwined, we should make it our business to take that even one step further. Let's bring more food into the bedroom! Sure, it's a little bit of a cliche, but it's a cliche FOR A REASON. If used properly (and safely), food in the bedroom can be a major turn-on. Bringing some fruit into your bedroom for foreplay? That's definitely gonna change the way you grocery shop!

food to use in the bedroom

If you're a novice and you're looking for some tips to get you from the pantry and into the sack, you've come to the right place. We've got some starter treats to tempt all your appetites. Use this as your jumping-off point! There's a lot of food out there -- it's all about finding what works for you.

Do you ever use food in the bedroom?


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  • Ice


    Image © Tom Grill/Corbis

    While not technically "food," nothing is sexier in the bedroom than ice. Used delicately, it heightens sensation -- it's perfect for teasing. Plus, it keeps you hydrated, which is always important.

  • Cherries


    Image © Karin Dreyer/Blend Images/Corbis

    Cherries and other small, bite-sized fruits are sweet, light bedroom treats! Make sure everything has been washed and keep the fruit out of your private parts -- that's just begging for an infection. So not sexy.

  • Chocolate Syrup


    Image © Paul Taylor/Corbis

    Use this favorite indulgence to decorate your lover's body. It makes their already scrumptious form that much more edible. It makes a mess, but it's worth it.

  • Popsicles


    Image © db2stock/Corbis

    The shape, the temperature, the fruity flavor alllll make for a super sexy combination. Use them on him, or have him use them on you. Prepare to be wowed.

  • Whipped Cream


    Image © Axl Images/Corbis

    Hide your bits with this yummy stuff and have him "remove it." Yeah, no, we definitely DON'T mean with a towel. He's lactose intolerant? Girl, you know there's a dairy-free alternative.


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