Real Men Reveal What They REALLY Thought When They First Saw Us Naked

women undressingWhen women get naked for the first time in front of a new guy, the experience is often the ultimate in vulnerability. A lot of us are scared. We think about all our "flaws" and try to hide certain parts of ourselves. For many women, it means the difference between really letting loose and enjoying sex and feeling self-conscious and less than comfortable in bed.

Well ladies, we have it all wrong.

We asked 9 men what their exact thoughts were the first time they got naked with their now wives or girlfriends. The answers surprised (and delighted) us.


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1.) "My mind kind of blanked actually. Or most likely was blown. Then I had to try to rationally think what to do. Do I play it cool or do I attack her? In the end I think I just stared awkwardly."

~ R.W., 37, married for 11 years.

2.) "Wow."

~ A.V., 39, dating her for a year.

3.) "She looks like a Maxim model. Holy shit. What do I do next?"

~ J.T., 37, dating her for four years.

4.) "Jackpot!!! I still think that! Her body was amazing! And still is!"

~ C.S., 37, married for 11 years.

5.) "No particular memory comes to mind. I was probably too nervous and/or intoxicated to have any terribly interesting / coherent thoughts, in any event!"

~ J.Z., 39, married for two years.

6.) "I'm not worthy. No, seriously. And then I've said it every day since. Still not worthy."

~ C.L., 41, married for 15 years.

7.) "Can we keep the lights on?"

~ K.S., 40, married for five years.

8.) "I thought nothing. I just started to shake."

~ G.B., 37, married for five years.

9.) "Yeah, thinking? Not so much. Try salivating. Like a dog. I'm lucky she saw me again."

~ A.S., 30, dating for a year.

So the next time you are feeling down on yourself, remember these 9 guys. You are hotter than you think and you are making them crazier than you ever imagined.

Here's a little exercise: Ask YOUR husband what he thought the first time he saw you naked. It might surprise -- and delight -- you. No matter how your body has changed, you are still sexy to him. The trick is, you have to be sexy to yourself too. So keep the lights on and try really hard to see you as he sees you. That's when the magic happens!

What do you think your husband would say?


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