5 Ways Strong Women Like ‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman Can Find Love

heartWe're super excited to see Andi Dorfman rock The Bachelorette this season. As one contestant put it, "she's got it all" -- looks, ambition, a great career, and a fun personality. But there's something special about Andi that makes her different from some of the other women who have been on the show: She's got one hella strong personality. So what does that mean for her love life? Who will she choose -- someone who matches her dominant personality, or someone who can take a back seat?

We talked with Match.com social scientist Dr. Helen Fisher to find out exactly what kind of guy works best for strong women like Andi. In her research, Dr. Fisher has found 4 different personality types. Everyone falls into a combination of these types. Understanding them can tell you a lot about how you can find love -- and keep it.


Here are Dr. Fisher's 4 personality types.

  • Explorers: risk-taking, curious, creative, impulsive, optimistic, and energetic.
  • Builders: cautious but not fearful, calm, traditional, community-oriented, persistent, and loyal.
  • Directors: very analytic, decisive, and tough-minded; likes to debate and can be aggressive.
  • Negotiators: broad-minded, imaginative, compassionate, intuitive, verbal, nurturing, altruistic, and idealistic.

So given all of that, here's what assertive, adventurous women like Andi need in order to find true love that lasts.

1. Find someone who won't compete with your dominant ways. Strong women like Andi tend to be "directors." And while other chest-thumping directors might find her an exciting challenge at first, in a relationship, this could lead to a lot of power struggles.

2. Find someone more empathetic who communicates well. Directors connect well with "negotiators." That doesn't mean submissive types, just people who are better skilled at communicating and nurturing.

3. Avoid a traditional type who loves following the rules. You should definitely avoid "builders." These are more conventional, traditional men who follow rules and crave routine. They may seem like a rock at first. And a builder may be attracted to a wild child. But over time, you'll get bored and the builder will become frustrated and hurt.

4. Find someone who loves adventure. Women like Andi also need fellow explorers. That's the other personality type she falls under. Like many other assertive women, she craves excitement and isn't afraid to take risks. She needs a mate who can match her appetite for novelty.

5. Find someone who wants to go on adventures as a couple. "If you find somebody who's interested in the same kind of novelty, the same kinds of risk-taking, you may have found your nirvana," Dr. Fisher says.

You can find out where your personality falls -- and where your mate's does, too -- by filling out Dr. Fisher's questionnaire at Chemistry.com.

Do you think it's harder for more dominant and adventurous women to find the right match?


Image via Bianca Moraes/Flickr

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