10 of the Craziest Things People Have Been Asked to Do at Weddings (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | May 23, 2014 Love & Sex

Something happens to some brides -- and more than a few grooms -- in the weeks and months leading up to their big day. The nicest of people, who wouldn't ordinarily ask you to move your foot if it was crushing theirs by mistake, suddenly become filled with this powerful desire to control every little aspect of their day. You can bet this will spell trouble for you if you've been selected to be a guest at their bash or -- even worse -- asked to be a bridesmaid.

And this isn't about wearing a toxic-orange bridesmaid gown, which you should just smile and do. No, this is about going that extra mile -- whether that means starving for the night or dressing up as an English shepherdess -- in order to make their wedding a total success. 

Here are 10 of the wackiest things people have been asked to do at weddings.


Image via Aly Song/Reuters/Corbis

  • Dress Up Like Maid Marian


    Talk about taking the word "maid" literally. One maid of honor didn't have to shell out hundreds of dollars on a formal dress -- she simply had to search high and low at costume shops for the perfect Maid Marian costume to complement the best man's Robin Hood get-up.

  • Deny Other Guests a Doggie Bag


    It's totally tacky to ask for a doggie bag at a wedding. But one bride didn't think it was at all tacky to get her bridesmaid to go around and instruct all 100-plus guests not to request doggie bags.

  • Swap Liquor Labels


    One bridesmaid reports: "I was asked to change the labels on liquor and wine bottles. 'Two-buck chuck' became a $20 bottle of Pinot Noir."

  • Eat BEFORE the Wedding


    "I was in a wedding once and the bride and groom were broke. They asked the entire bridal party -- all 18 of us -- to forego the main course to save money." -- Bridesmaid

  • Fetch Pot for the Groom


    "I got a phone call while getting my hair done for a wedding. The groom-to-be asked me if I could 'find some pot' and bring it to him. I have smoked pot twice in my life and it was before I was 18. I was hardly the go-to person for his request." -- Bridesmaid

  • Go Barefoot


    "The couple requested that women not wear heels to their garden wedding party and even suggested it would be better if everyone went barefoot -- just like them! The thought of all of those naked feet sinking into soil made me want to reply 'no' to the invite!" -- Guest

  • Get 'My Little Pony' Blue Hair


    "The bride asked me if I wouldn't mind dyeing a few strands of my hair light blue to match the sash on her dress and her wedding decor. I'm a lawyer and didn't think this was a smart move on my part. Well, the bride disagreed and held a grudge against me for weeks!" -- Bridesmaid

  • Pose With Wax Figures


    "Some brides want to take wedding photos at a park or on the beach. My friend wanted to take them at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum." -- Bridesmaid

  • Wear Mouse Ears


    "The bride and groom were so obsessed with Disney. They asked all guests to come to the wedding dressed as their favorite character. They even wrote in their invitation that no one without Mickey Ears would be allowed inside." -- Guest

  • Perform Magic


    "My good friend had it in her head that she wanted a magician at her wedding. She asked me if I'd volunteer to be the girl he saws in half. Luckily, her husband-to-be killed the idea before it became a reality." -- Maid of Honor