More Brides Are Banning THIS at Their Weddings & Guests May Not Like It

brides who ban phones from weddingsSocial media and marriage. They don't quite go together like a horse and carriage -- at least not for everyone. While some couples use social media to share their kooky engagements or encourage folks to use hashtags during their reception, more and more couples are going the other way and forbidding the use of social media altogether when it comes to celebrating their special day.

David's Bridal's annual "What's on Brides' Minds" survey found that 44% of all brides think there needs to be more rules when it comes to cellphones being used at their nuptials! Could it be that we're finally regaining control of our lives? That we're finally all admitting to technological fatigue? I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping and praying it's true.


More fuel to the fire of banning cellphones? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't allowing any cellphones at their wedding. And guess what? Fourteen percent of brides polled have decided to follow suit! Could it be? Have Kim and Kanye started a wedding trend I can actually get behind?

Does this poll show a changing tide in the way we use our cellphones at special events like weddings? Maybe, that's definitely one way things could be going. But then again, maybe not.

“It is hard to escape the presence of social media, and many brides use it to announce their engagement and as a key tool during the wedding planning process,” said Brian Beitler, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at David’s Bridal. Hmmm, that doesn't exactly sound like a death knell, does it?

I don't think social media or cellphones should be banned from special events altogether, don't get me wrong. But I do think that by and large, brides who do banish this stuff from the premises are doing so because people have no basic understanding of MANNERS anymore. I hate to sound like someone's grandma, but tweeting during vows is just tacky -- if you want to cyber-toast the couple at the reception, that's another thing altogether.

Would you ever ban social media from your wedding?

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