5 Times It's Totally Okay to Wear Sex Toys in the Office (PHOTO)

sex toys you wear at the officeI'm not a totally kinky person. That isn't to say that I'm not in touch with my sexuality. I totally am. But for me that isn't something I walk about the streets discussing. I may be a freak between the sheets, but friends, I am lady when I'm on the street. Let's be real -- I'm a lady pretty much everywhere I go and freak never.

That's why I was so hesitant when it came to the idea of sex toys you could wear around town. Is there a market for this? That's right, companies like the stellar Crave, have started making 'wearables', these incognito sexy-time toys for grown-ups that you can, in theory, wear to a board-meeting without anyone being any the wiser. I wasn't sure they were for me, but their sleek design? Well it basically looked like all the non-sex-toy jewelry I already own.



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So I decided to go for it! Worst case scenario, I was called out at work for public perversion, which frankly, would be kind of exciting. I tried out Crave's Droplet Necklace, which is a long, lariet-style silver piece with two silver oblong pendants at either end of the chain. With a quick twist those stylish pendants? They turn into nipple vibrators. Silent but deadly nipple vibrators.

To compliment my look (because you must accessorize properly or die, in my humble estimation) I also donned their leather cuffs. These gorgeous black leather handcuffs can be worn as a stack-able, totally punk rock looking bracelet. I was way into it.

I decided to wear these pieces around the office and see if I could pull of being kinky at the office. The answer? A resounding yes. I made copies, I chatted with co-workers, and did my actual job -- all stylishly and sexily. Even if you aren't into such displays, these pieces are worth checking out as jewelry alone! Check out the different places I wore these sex toys at the office!

Would you ever wear a secret sex toy in public?


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