The Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: What to Get Him Each Year

Adriana Velez | May 20, 2014 Love & Sex

anniversary giftYou've probably heard about traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Every year, a couple gives each other presents from a specific material, like leather or wool. And everyone has a hard time remembering which materials are for which years. Not to mention -- what the heck can you get made out of bronze? Here's a little gift guide to inspire you. Our opinion is that for an anniversary gift, you want something meaningful, something that references your marriage in some way or is personalized, and something he'll see pretty much every day. 

wedding anniversary gift guide



  • 1st Anniversary: Paper


    The first anniversary is paper, so you could get a special book or frame a photograph. Another fun idea is this personalized print of your special dates, like the day you first met and your wedding day. Starting at $90 via Red Envelope.

    Modern: Clocks

  • 2nd Anniversary: Cotton


    $35 via Etsy. Daww, isn't this pillow cover adorable? Here's a sweet, customizable way to mark your anniversary. I like this because it's something you'll both see every day.

    Modern: China

  • 3rd Anniversary: Leather


    $128 via Coach. A nice, new wallet makes a great third-anniversary leather gift, especially if you can get it engraved with his initials. Some stores, like Coach, will do that for free. Belts and watch bands also work, and you can personalize those as well.

    Modern: Crystal, glass

  • 4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers


    Alex Brown/Flickr

    Fruit or flowers ... for a guy? The fourth anniversary is challenging. Depending on the time of the year, you could ship special, in-season only fruit, like Alphonso mangoes in the spring or Cara Cara oranges in the winter. But I say just bend the interpretation of fruit a little and get a really nice bottle of wine -- or maybe a subscription to a wine-of-the-month.

    Modern: Appliances

  • 5th Anniversary: Wood


    Target, $12.99. For a wooden gift, how about a game? Classic Jenga is something the two of you could play together. Or you could find a chess or backgammon set carved from wood. 

    Modern: Silverware

  • 6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron



    The 6th anniversary is ... candy! You probably know your husband's favorite candy, but how are you going to elevate it for this occasion? You could tape candy bars to poster board to spell out a special candy gram. Or you could take a candy-making class together. Or if you want to go with iron, maybe he likes golf and would enjoy some new clubs.

    Modern: Wood

  • 7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper


    $225 via J.Crew. For wool you could get him a nice merino wool sweater -- or you could get a little extravagant and get him cashmere. You know you'll want to run your hands all over him in this. Or, if you're watching your budget, go for a scarf, gloves, or hat. For copper, there's this funny hammered copper beer mug.

    Modern: Desk Set

  • 8th Anniversary: Bronze


    From $69.99 via American Bronzing Company. Enter the bronze age! What on Earth do you get with bronze? You could put a special photograph (printed in sepia colors) in a bronze frame. Or you could have your husband's baby shoes bronzed.

    Modern: Linen

  • 9th Anniversary: Pottery


    $24.22 via Etsy. There are loads of sweet, personalized mugs out there. You could do his initials, a phrase, or even a photograph. It's your way of saying "I love you" every morning.

    Modern: Leather

  • 10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum


    $11.99 via Etsy. For aluminum or tin, an obvious gift springs to mind: Beer. Lots and lots of cans of beer. And maybe that works! If you'd like to go for something different, though, how about this hand-stamped dime keychain?

    Modern: Diamond Jewelry

  • 25th Anniversary: Silver


    $109 via Barney's Warehouse. You can't go wrong with a beautiful photograph in a silver frame for his desk. I think black and white photos in silver look especially good. Sterling or even silver-plated frames can get expensive, but you can often find them on sale.

    Modern: Silver

  • 50th Anniversary: Gold


    $295 via Brooks Brothers. Your golden anniversary! It's probably a long ways off, but I think if you're looking for a gold gift for men, personalized cuff links make a handsome gift.

    Modern: Gold


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