6 Devastating Tales of Wedding Venue Disaster

Adriana Velez | May 14, 2014 Love & Sex
6 Devastating Tales of Wedding Venue Disaster

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Every couple planning a wedding knows how important the venue is. You want it to accommodate your friends and family, to be accessible, to be affordable -- and hopefully it's beautiful as well. Couples put a lot of thought and money into their dream locations. So what happens when -- poof! -- that location suddenly disappears on you? What do you do when, at the last minute, you have no place for your celebration -- and you can't change the date? I guess there are worse things that could happen, but what a stressful situation for an engaged couple. Here are 6 tales of wedding venue disaster.

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  • Venue Goes Backrupt



    CafeMom Studios Producer Holly Ellis and her fiance Brendan Spiegel were planning a wedding at a popular spot called reBar, which has views of the Brooklyn Bridge. But just a couple months before the wedding they found out reBar was closed and bankrupt. They had already put down a $16,000 deposit for the all-inclusive wedding -- and like the several other couples booked this summer for the same place, Holly and Brendan aren't sure they'll ever get that money back.

    Holly says her first response was "this is some kind of joke, right?" But then she and Brendan sprang into action, searching for a new venue. They and other jilted couples quickly formed a Facebook group as well.

    "The loss of the $16 grand stings. Hard," Holly says. "It was our money that we'd been saving for a celebration with our family and friends. It's gone, and that's hard to swallow. But, I don't care what happens between now and my wedding date. On that day, I'm marrying the guy of my dreams. I'm more sure of that now than ever before."

  • The Government Shut Down My Wedding


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    Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le planned for their wedding to take place on the west lawn of the Jefferson Memorial in October, 2013. It's where they'd spent their first date. Both had worked on Capitol Hill, and on political campaigns, so it was the perfect venue. But it was not to be. Remember what happened in 2013? Oh yeah, the government shutdown! That meant they and their 130 guests couldn't enter the property at all. Fortunately, they came up with a backup plan of holding the wedding at the same Capitol Hill restaurant where they were already planning to hold the reception.

  • Groom Burns Down Own Wedding Venue


    What's worse, losing your venue before the wedding -- or trashing it afterwards and getting arrested? Groom Max Kay went bonkers when he got the $40,000 bill for his wedding so he did the maurading Viking thing and burned the castle hotel down. He was sentenced to 6 years in jail for arson, which probably doesn't bode well for one's marriage. I mean, none of this does, actually.

  • Wedding Venue Burns Down


    Just this week a wedding venue called the Luv Shack burned down, leaving a dozen couples in the lurch. Carmen Sisk was supposed to marry her fiance there on Saturday. When her mother Helena called with the news, the bride-to-be "cried and screamed and hollered, then I started crying." Her father Phillip adds, "our daughter has lost her dream wedding, but the Sanchezes have lost their livelihood. This is how they make income."

    You guys, check out the photos for the Luv Shack -- it was gorgeous! SIGH.

  • Resort Sold to Swingers


    Jennifer and Cory Burnett planned a destination wedding at a resort only to have that venue sold -- as a vacation destination for people who enjoy the "swingers" lifestyle. "My husband looked at me and said, 'Please tell me when I can laugh' and we just broke down in hysterics," Jennifer says. Fortunately they got a refund and managed to plan a new wedding in just 3 months. And ... I guess the Burnetts know where to go if they ever want to spice up their sex life that way.


  • Deck Collapses, Dunking 80 Guests


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    A couple and their 80 wedding guests plunged into a muddy lake when the wooden deck they were standing on collapsed. Despite a baby and an 88-year-old wheelchair-bound granny falling into the water everyone was either fine or just barely hurt. The couple had a good humor about it and carried on with the festivities -- after they dried off.

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