How to Freeze Your Wedding Cake in 4 Simple Steps

how to freeze your wedding cakeOne of my favorite wedding traditions is saving a piece of the wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary. Usually it's the very top tier, which just happens to be the perfect size for a couple to share. What a sweet way to celebrate a year of marriage -- and to remember the happy occasion you shared together!

Even though in this case the sentiment means more than the actual taste, you still want to preserve as much of the flavor and the decoration as possible. Freezer burn is not delicious. So here's the best way to freeze that top tier of your wedding cake.


1. Pre-freeze. If you want to preserve all that delicate frosting decoration, you'll need to harden it a little, first. This sounds counter-intuitive, but as soon as possible (same day, for best results), put your tier in the freezer uncovered. Leave it there for a couple hours or overnight.

2. Wrap in plastic. Now that the frosting is frozen in place you can wrap the cake in about 5 or 6 layers of cling wrap. You'll want to cover as much of every surface as possible, but not handle the cake so much that the frosting starts to melt.

3. Wrap in foil. Next you can wrap your cake in a protective layer of heavy aluminum foil. It's ready for the deep freeze. Make sure it's in a location that won't get bumped a lot.

4. Thaw before eating. About 36 hours before your first anniversary (congratulations!) take the cake out of the freezer and unwrap it completely, first. Then let the cake thaw on a plate in the refrigerator. About an hour before you want to eat it, move the cake to a counter and let it reach room temperature. Enjoy!

Do you think your wedding cake will taste the same a year later?



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