12 Sex Positions That Really Hit 'The Spot'

Philipp Nemenz/Corbis

When it comes to having good sex, every woman has discussed the infamous G-spot. Some people think it's a myth and get by on clitoral orgasms (which ain't too shabby). But ardent believers in the lore of the G-spot spend countless, amazing hours searching for this spongy, walnut patch on the front of the vaginal wall. As we know, half the fun of going some place is the journey, right? Let's pack up and head out on this uber sexy adventure. 


The rumors are true. A G-spot orgasm is a thing entirely unto itself. Different than the intensely concentrated pleasure that comes from clitoral orgasm, this one provides all-over ecstasy. Yeah, I know, right? I'll have what she's having indeed. But because of where the secret spot is located, it can be pretty difficult to access through the more, shall we say, conventional channels.

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We're sure people are more than capable of spending time in the sack with their partner doing all the, uh, "research" necessary to find this magical spot all on their own. Those people are a bunch of sexual dynamos, and no one doubts it. But still, we thought we'd contribute a couple of delicious suggestions of the best sex positions for hitting the G-spot. These veritable appetizers are just a few starters to tease your palate. Bon appetit!

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