12 Sex Positions That Really Hit 'The Spot'

Rebecca Stokes | May 7, 2014 Love & Sex
12 Sex Positions That Really Hit 'The Spot'
Image: Philipp Nemenz/Corbis

Philipp Nemenz/Corbis

When it comes to having good sex, every woman has discussed the infamous G-spot. Some people think it's a myth and get by on clitoral orgasms (which ain't too shabby). But ardent believers in the lore of the G-spot spend countless, amazing hours searching for this spongy, walnut patch on the front of the vaginal wall. As we know, half the fun of going some place is the journey, right? Let's pack up and head out on this uber sexy adventure. 

The rumors are true. A G-spot orgasm is a thing entirely unto itself. Different than the intensely concentrated pleasure that comes from clitoral orgasm, this one provides all-over ecstasy. Yeah, I know, right? I'll have what she's having indeed. But because of where the secret spot is located, it can be pretty difficult to access through the more, shall we say, conventional channels.

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We're sure people are more than capable of spending time in the sack with their partner doing all the, uh, "research" necessary to find this magical spot all on their own. Those people are a bunch of sexual dynamos, and no one doubts it. But still, we thought we'd contribute a couple of delicious suggestions of the best sex positions for hitting the G-spot. These veritable appetizers are just a few starters to tease your palate. Bon appetit!

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  • Doggy Style


    Image via Pets Advisor

    This positions enables you to control how much pressure is put on that magical spot using the strength and balance of all four limbs. 

  • Cowgirl


    Image via ericpruncyzk/Flickr

    This one puts you in charge! You can control the speed and depth of penetration. Even if you don't hit the G-spot, this is a great position for clitorial stimulation too. Yowzah.

  • Give Yourself a Hand


    Image via Dominic Alves/Flickr

    If you're having a hard time locating this golden ticket -- his fingers (or your own!) can be your best friend. A little lubricant and two fingers are all you need. Insert his digits and instruct him to lift and pull back gently, as if saying "come hither" -- you're sure to do his bidding.

  • Head Over Heels


    Image via Flowersby He/Flickr

    This one starts off as classic missionary. Once things are well-under way get added pressure to your G-spot by putting your legs against his chest, or up over his shoulders if you can manage it. Hot, hot, hot. 

  • Counter Style


    Image via Jennifer Hulse/Flickr

    This one is as wild as it is effective. Have him enter you while you find a place for yourself on a kitchen counter or table. It feels dirty and dangerous, and he can get deeper than ever! 

  • Split Scissors


    Image via Russell James Smith/Flickr

    With your partner on his back, straddle him on the diagonal, placing either leg on either side of his hips. This is another take on the cowgirl, but with the added bonus of being able to get a bit deeper again -- this time totally on your terms. 

  • Reverse Frog Squat


    The reverse frog squat is another one that puts ladies in the seat of power. He lies on his back and opens his legs. You squat over him in frog position, with your legs bent close to your chest. This angle is ideal for sending you to the moon and back!

  • Fusion


    For the fusion, your partner sits up, facing you, leaning back on his arms for support. You sit, straddling him, also leaning back on your arms. Maneuver so you get the right angle and rock each other's world.


  • The Butterfly


    Image © iStock.com/Shunyu Fan

    The butterfly sex position comes from the Kamasutra -- think of your man as a butterfly and you as the flower. Lie on your back on the edge of the bed with your legs dangling off. Have him enter you from a standing position, facing you. He can either hold your legs on either side of him, or drape your legs over his shoulders while he holds your butt up at the perfect angle. Either way, it's all good for you!

  • Spooning Surprise


    Don't let this cuddly-sounding position fool you -- this one is hot! In a spooning position, have him enter you from behind. You can tilt your own body to find the perfect angle for you.

  • Downward-Facing Dog


    Once you've mastered doggy-style, it's time to take it to the next level. From a standing position, bend at the waist and put your hands on the ground. Have him grasp your hips and enter you from behind. Now hang on for dear life. Don't try this in yoga class!

  • The G-Force


    Image © iStock.com/SelectStock

    We saved the best for last! To do the G-Force, you definitely need some flexiblity. Start by lying down on your back. He kneels facing you, about where your legs are, and lifts your hips up level with his hips to enter you. You can bend your knees and have him hold your feet or legs on either side of you while he plunges deep, DEEP inside. Whee!!


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