7 Beginner Sex Toys for Your First Time

sex toysHey lovers, we hear your sex life is so explosively exciting and fulfilling you don't need sex toys at all. That's cool. But here's the thing -- sex toys aren't just for people with snoozy bedrooms. They're for everyone. And we know you're curious about trying one out.

But where do you get started? So many kink shops have bad lighting, the websites are confusing, and for some odd reason half the erotic plaything manufacturers of the world insist on giving their wares this heavy metal/goth/dungeon aesthetic most of us don't really identify with. (WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT, SEX TOY MAKERS?) So allow us to guide you toward your first time ... with a couples' sex toy, that is. Here are 7 fun beginner sex toys that get rave reviews -- and that you may want to check out. No pressure! Just, you know, have a look.


Image via tomas rodriguez/arabianEye/Corbis


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