7 Beginner Sex Toys for Your First Time

Adriana Velez | May 1, 2014 Love & Sex
7 Beginner Sex Toys for Your First Time

sex toysHey lovers, we hear your sex life is so explosively exciting and fulfilling you don't need sex toys at all. That's cool. But here's the thing -- sex toys aren't just for people with snoozy bedrooms. They're for everyone. And we know you're curious about trying one out.

But where do you get started? So many kink shops have bad lighting, the websites are confusing, and for some odd reason half the erotic plaything manufacturers of the world insist on giving their wares this heavy metal/goth/dungeon aesthetic most of us don't really identify with. (WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT, SEX TOY MAKERS?) So allow us to guide you toward your first time ... with a couples' sex toy, that is. Here are 7 fun beginner sex toys that get rave reviews -- and that you may want to check out. No pressure! Just, you know, have a look.


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  • Dirty Dice


    Dirty Dice ($7.00, Babeland) leaves your best moves up to chance -- just roll the dice and do whatever it tells you to do. I think this I Dare You game ($14.95, Babeland) looks fun, too.

  • Good Girl Bad Girl Feather Spanker


    First things first, this is not something you use to hurt anyone (unless you're into that, in which case go for it). It's just something fun to use in role play, or to warm up. Lucky you, we've already spoken with a dominatrix to find out how to spank properly. And then, there's that other side, the feather tickler. So versatile! Just like you. Good Girl Bad Girl Feather Spanker ($24, Booty Parlour)

  • Bondage in a Box


    This Bondage in a Box kit ($28, Babeland) should actually be called Tickle in a Box, but then it might not sell as well. This has got to be the sweetest, most gentle introduction to bondage you'll ever see. Use the satin sash to wrap around your wrists, loosely, if you want. Then put on the mask and let your mate tease you with the feather tickler.

  • Remote-Control Vibrator


    Remember the couple who experimented with a remote-control vibrator and ended up in the ER? If you were more intrigued than horrified, there are dozens of options out there at a range or prices. LELO Lyla Cerise Egg Vibrator With Wireless Remote (Amazon, $99.99).

  • We-Vibe


    Vibrators aren't just for your special alone time -- you can use them together as a couple. The most popular couples' vibrator is the We-Vibe ($74.49). One end goes inside to stimulate the G-spot, and the other end goes vibrates the clitorus. Use during intercourse, and your guy gets a thrill, too. Apparently there are 11 ways to use it.

  • Hello Touch Vibrating Fingers


    OH HELLO! These look totally weird (maybe they should turn it into a glove?). Basically they turn your fingertips into vibrators so you can stimulate your partner into a frenzy. Hello Touch Vibrator ($65, Jimmy Jane)

  • Wedge Cushion


    When you have sex on a wedge cushion ($80, Jimmy Jane) missionary style, with your hips inclined on the wedge, you get a deeper penetration, which hopefully increases the pleasure for both of you. Some of them vibrate, too! Anyone else remember seeing George Clooney's character toting one around in Burn After Reading?

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