6 Ways to Have the Best Sex of Your Life -- With Your Spouse

holding handsSex isn't everything in a marriage, but it is important. If you stop communicating, stop showing affection, your sex life suffers. And sometimes it happens the other way around too -- sex life dwindles, you stop showing affection, you stop communicating.

The average person has sex 103 times per year, but the average couple only has sex about 68 times a year. I also know many couples who have sex a lot less, and many of those marriages are on the rocks.

Dr. Laurence Levine, a urologist and CMO at Promescent, says that some of the most common reasons married couples have sex less is lack of stamina, time constraints, and dissatisfaction with quantity and quality of sex. These are also common causes for cheating and divorce. He gave us 6 tips on how to have a better sex life with your spouse and how to improve your marriage.


1. Take long walks. Even if it means just spending an extra few minutes strolling the aisles at the grocery store, the exercise and intimacy created from walking together strikes a bond leading to better sex.   

2. Be romantic. Share breakfast in bed on Sundays or plan a weekly date night. If you are on opposite shifts, try leaving each other love notes on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror. Any psychologist will tell you that a key to a happy marriage is making time just for the two of you.

3. Exercise. You don’t need to do it together, but do it. Keep the blood flowing for both of you. Not only will you feel healthier, but you'll get the bonus endorphins and stamina to mix into your alone time.    

4. No smoking. If your husband wants to have reliable and strong erections, that means a healthy vascular system. Smoking does nothing but slow both of you down.    

5. Last longer. The average sexual experience is often not long enough for a woman to reach climax. "We call it the 'arousal gap,'" says Dr. Levine. But sex doesn't have to just mean penetration. Sometimes women just need some extra attention, and a good man will give her that.

6. Cut back on the alcohol. Anything more than 1-2 drinks can ruin the mood. Alcohol is a depressant. In higher doses, it can certainly hinder performance and emotions.

What would you add? Do you find your marriage and sex life suffer because you aren't following these tips?


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