Couple Use Wicked Sex Toy in Public & Wind Up in the ER

remote controlWhat's the craziest thing you've ever done with a sex toy? I may be asking the wrong question. When was the last time you dared to try a sex toy?

One intrepid young couple, Ashley and Dennis, bravely attempted to use one of the most risque gadgets out there: A wireless remote-control vibrator. That's a vibrator she wears, concealed under her clothes -- and he controls via remote! Ashley and Daniel decided to give it a test run in the grocery store, of all places, and the results landed them on the TLC show Sex Sent Me to the ER.

I got to talk with Ashley and Dennis to find out what exactly happened -- and what words of wisdom they have to impart to any other couple curious about trying this naughty remote. 


Ashley tells me she learned about the remote-controlled vibrator from a girlfriend who had just used it. It sounded fun. Her friend took her to a sex shop and she bought one of her own. Then she brought it to Dennis and said, "Hey, why don't we try this out?"

"We never used any toys like this before," Dennis says, "but I was open to it." He thought it was really cool that it was wireless. "You could be sneaky with it, but you could be discreet. That was the fun part -- it was a mischief thing." 

At first, Ashley liked it. "It was pretty fun. It put me on edge and kept me wondering when he was going to push it next. I was very intrigued that it could go off at any minute. It was thrilling in that aspect."

He could buzz her when she was doing something with her hands, or when she was in the middle of talking with someone.

"I could be far away from her and press a button, and it would reach her," Dennis says. "That was the best part. She didn't know when it was coming." 

But that's where they got into trouble. Ashley, caught off guard at one point, slipped and hit her head -- which is what landed her in the ER. It's all fun and games until someone gets a concussion.

So would they do it again? OH NO. Ashley says getting physically injured put a damper on the whole experience. "There's no upside to being good at using this thing in public," Dennis says. But he thinks it makes a great story and was fun up until the accident.

This hasn't scared the couple away from sex toys in general, but they're not beating down a path to the sex store again any time soon.

"Our sex life is great as it is. We don't need toys to make it better," Dennis says. "We might use toys in the future. We're still open to that, but we don't go seeking them out, either."

As for whether or not they'd recommend the remote vibrator for anyone else, that depends. Ashley suggests testing it out at home first. Dennis says you should just go out there and figure it out for yourself.

Sex Sent Me to the ER airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC. You can see Dennis and Ashley’s story by tuning in to their episode on Saturday, May 3.

Would you dare to try a remote-control vibrator in public or private?


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