The 5 Worst Ways to Break Up With Someone

broken heartOf all the abuses of social media, this is among the worst. In honor of HASHTAG TransformationTuesday, one young man dumped his girlfriend via Instagram -- or that's what it looks like he did, anyway. The post features a photo of a teen couple on the left and another photo of just the boy on the right. And saddest of all, a forlorn comment below: "Is this your way of breaking up with me?"

Is it, cjkarl11, is it?!?

Of all the! That guy! Why! I can't believe! Hopefully this is just a hoax. For all we know, these two may not even be a real couple -- I hope not! But what if it's real? Let's talk about that and some of the other horrible, no good, very bad ways people have ditched their lovers.


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