Brides Who Have 2 Weddings Need a Good Kick in the Pants​

bride and maid of honor at a weddingIf my sister's wedding has taught me anything, it's that IF I ever get married (yes, 'if'), I am going to do it at City Hall, invite no guests, and then go eat a sub afterward to celebrate. Because big weddings? They are insane. And when there are TWO of them for the same happy couple? They are even nuttier.

Don't get me wrong! I'm my sister's maid of honor and I've had a blast doing it. But my sister's soon-to-be-in-laws are numerous and they alllll live in Chicago, whereas our smaller clan is located in Rhode Island. My sister and her fiance thought it would be the best plan to do a wedding in Rhode Island and then a second reception in Chicago for members of his family who couldn't make it. Sounds reasonable enough, right? Wrong. 


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What started off as a nice enough idea morphed into a veritable hydra! Because slowly people stopped saying, "Wedding and a second reception" and started saying ... "Two weddings." Little known fact, when you accidentally wind up having two weddings -- you wind up having to have TWO OF EVERYTHING! My checking account shudders, oh the tales it could tell you of outfits purchased, parties paid for, gifts picked up, and airplane tickets booked. 

One engagement party in Chicago was followed by another in Rhode Island. Verily, my wallet wept salty tears. But not as much as my sister's did when she quietly decided that she couldn't wear the same wedding dress to both events. In a very Hollywood fashion, girlfriend wound up buying a SECOND wedding dress. 

Then there was the shower debacle. Her mother-in-law reaaaalllly wanted to throw the shower. Which I can understand, party planning is fun, and her first boy is getting married! I was more than happy to pass the reins over her way and just cough up dough to make another trip to the Windy City.

Until this happened: "When is the Rhode Island shower happening?" My heart fell into my butt. Of course. There were two of everything else -- why wouldn't there be two showers? Frantically with a little less than a week, I turned into Martha Stewart on crack -- with mixed results. Oh, sure, the floral arrangements I mocked up using vintage tea containers were cool and totally Instagram-worthy ... but they also slowly leaked throughout the entire tea-party-themed event! I distracted everyone with games involving blindfolds. And by everyone I mean the five people who showed up. Oy. 

Weddings are getting bigger and crazier than ever. This one is living proof. Every time my phone rings, I'm half expecting to receive word that we've added another event that will involve another outfit and some extensive travel plans. That said, for all of its craziness, I wouldn't trade being able to go through this with my sister for all the world. 

What's the most money you've spent on being in a wedding?

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