My First Date With My Boyfriend Almost Didn’t Happen

couple holding handsDo you ever think of all the random ways people come in and out of your life? Some of the people we're most strongly bonded to are there simply because of the right circumstances, and there's just something terribly fragile about that. This is especially true when it comes to falling in love. The same guy who catches your eye one day could fly right past you another day. I've been in a relationship with the sweetest, most thoughtful, hottest, most who-raised-you-to-be-so-fantastic man ever for the past 8 months or so and I'm ridiculously happy -- but it almost didn't happen for us.


I met my boyfriend through an online dating site, so you'd think we had some choice in the matter -- and we did. He saw me, I saw him, he asked me out, and I said yes. His profile photo showed him doing a thumbs-up, which would have disqualified him immediately had Cynical Me been looking. But at that particular moment, I happened to be going through a phase where I was trying to be more open-minded. So his gesture struck me as charmingly guileless and fun-loving. And he was cute. I thought, why not?

On that same week I scrolled through dozens of other offers from dozens of other men for dozens of different reasons, sometimes just plain apathy and lack of anything noteworthy. Who knows what I missed out there -- I'll never know. And I don't really care.

We made plans for our date, and then the day before it I got a message for him. His dad was visiting, and with a change in the weather they were forced to reschedule their planned sight-seeing trip out of town. Could we possibly move our date to the following weekend?

This looked like it could be a classic first-date bail-out. It had happened before. I'd made plans for a date only for the guy to say he had to leave town at the last minute -- and then I never heard from him again. So I thought, great, here we go again. I was ready to write him off and move on to bachelor number 12.

But this guy's message was so polite and apologetic, and he was quick to suggest an alternate date. Plus his excuse was sweet -- spending time with his father. (I tease him now. Was it really an outing with his dad, or did he actually preempt my date for a date with another woman? He swears it was really his dad.)

I decided to give him another chance. And we had a wonderful first date. And another date. And another date. And so on until here we are. And if I'd said no to the guy giving the thumbs up? Who preempted me for a date with his dad? I hate to think of everything I'd be missing out on now.

Do you feel like your relationship was inevitable, or was it just the right circumstances?


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