Viagra Ice Cream Served at Star's Birthday Party Left Guests Very 'Happy'

arousal viagra ice creamLadies, I have found the one ice cream flavor probably none of us wants to try. It's a blue Viagra-laced ice cream called "arousal." Food inventor Charlie Harry Francis created the confection for the birthday party of an A-list celeb client he refuses to name. (But we're taking guesses!) The ice cream is champagne flavored, and each scoop contains 25 milligrams of Viagra. That's about what you get from the lowest dose of the male enhancement drug.

In his blog, Lick Me I'm Delicious, Francis says he had to sign a confidentiality agreement with his client and can't tell us much more than that. But, he adds, "I am allowed to say that they were 'very happy with the end result.'" ORLLY Francis? I'd love to learn more. I mean -- I know what Viagra does. I'm just curious about what effect this blue ice cream had on the birthday party.


Did it just turn into a huge orgy? I'm picturing a bunch of men running around in togas, chasing down nymphs, Decline of the Roman Empire-style. I'm a little bit scared -- but also intrigued. I mean, if the guys ate more than one scoop of ice cream ... zoiks! What if they ate lots and lots of it, not really understanding the risks? What if the party turned into total mayhem?

Because there's a dark side to male enhancement drugs. If you take too much of the stuff terrible things can happen. And I don't mean terrible as in hot and exciting stuff you'd want to keep private. I mean terrible as in infections, erections that last days, fractures. Did you hear about the guy in Colombia who almost had his penis amputated because he took too much Viagra? Dude broke his freakin' penis with the stuff.

And what if women accidentally ate the ice cream? Actually, what if nothing. Viagra may get your aroused, and you may experience some of the side effects, but otherwise it's probably not going to have much of an effect on you one way or another. So says Cosmo, which we're assuming is an authority on that sort of thing. I just hope Francis the Ice Cream Man concocted another flavor for the ladies. Maybe laced with morning after pills? Just an idea.

Which celeb would you guess ordered the Viagra ice cream? What do you think happened at the party?


Image via Lick Me I'm Delicious


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