What Brides Say & What They REALLY Mean!

what brides say, versus what they REALLY mean!Weddings are an incredibly exciting time. But, as some former brides-to-be can tell you, they can also make for a pretty stressful time too. There's so much to do in order to get ready for the big day! How anyone manages to keep their cool is beyond me. Even the most well-mannered bride can bend under the pressure. While she might be masterful enough when it comes to her emotions not to outright scream, she isn't above a little bit of passive aggression.

You kind of can't blame her! With so many people coming to her with so many different questions, problems, and concerns, it's only naturally that all her grinning-and-bearing-it will eventually start to show. Sadly for her, most stressed out brides aren't exactly great actresses. 


When they are freaking out, we allllll know it. Sure, she might look at you, eyes wide, and say, "Sure, if those are the shoes you want to wear to the wedding -- fine!" But we all know she really means, "I can't believe we're still talking about your shoes -- this is MY day!" It might not be funny at the time, but later on when colored with nostalgia? It's pretty hilarious. 

We asked around to see if any of you had any experiences with brides who said one thing but meant another. The results? Some were hilarious, some were cringe-worthy, and all were perfect examples of brides on the brink of a total meltdown.

Here's a bride willing to share about the time she almost totally lost her cool:

What She Said: Can you guys give me a few minutes? I'm feeling a little emotional.
What She Really Meant: Get your pain in the ass kid away from me this instant before I scream at her and make her cry!
People have no manners anymore:
What She Said: Of course I don't mind if you bring that guy you just started seeing!
What She REALLY Meant: That's another $100 down the drain
That's what you get for having an open bar:
What She Said: Hi! Thanks for coming! Yeah, things are going great ...
What She Said: He [the groom] hasn't gotten drunk and totally embarrassed me yet ... but he will ... oh, he will....
At least this jilted bridesmaid can find work as a bouncer:
What She Said: I really just want my sister to be the only bridesmaid but I would love it if you came early before the wedding to help me get ready.
What She REALLY Meant: I don't want you to be a bridesmaid but I want you to act like one and help me get ready and get the venue ready and kick my only bridesmaid out when she annoys me.   
You can't NOT ask for you want and then get mad when you don't get it:
What She Said: Well if you don't want to be there fine.
What She REALLY Meant: I can't believe you don't want to go! 

How about you? Has a bride ever said something to you when you KNOW she meant something else?

Image via petermpich/Flickr 

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