The 1 Thing You Need to Stop Doing to Have a Good Relationship

There are about a zillion little tips and tricks for making relationships work, and it seems like there's a new study every other day proclaiming to have found the secret to forever love. You've heard them before ... have more sex, divy up the chores evenly, share interests, agree about money, etc.

But really, the root of every relationship problem can be solved by one thing: Stop being a selfish jerk.


That's right. Just stop it, stop it right now. Did you have a long day at work? Guess what, your wife did too and she made dinner, so that means you're on dishes duty.

And ladies, are you exhausted from the work-life balance, or touched out from little people crawling all over you all day? Don't be a selfish jerk and refuse your husband in the bedroom. He's tired too from the daily grind. And dudes! If you constantly demand sex without loving your wife in other ways, you're being a selfish jerk! Stop it already.

Arguing about whether to spend the bonus money on a vacation or a home improvement? Stop thinking about yourself for a second and look at it from your spouses perspective. Don't immediately discount their thoughts, ideas, desires, and dreams. That way you can compromise and find a solution that works for both of you.

The secret to making a marriage work is as simple as it is difficult to accomplish. Just simply care for and care about one another. And when you are inevitably a selfish jerk, make it up to your partner somehow.

Unless you both stop acting like selfish jerks, the relationship is going to break down. Forever love is a two-way street, and you can't get there if only one of you is driving.

Do you think more couples would be happy if both partners stopped being selfish jerks?


Image via Greg Jordan/Flickr

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