Joining the 'Mile-High' Club Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

love cloud plane

Have you ever secretly dreamed of getting busy at 30,000 feet? You know -- joining the mile-high club? (And if you've already done it -- I'm sending you a virtual high-five.)

Oh come on, everyone who's anyone is getting their "O" face on after leaving the ground these days. Heck, even model mom Miranda Kerr is boasting about it. (Though she probably did it in a private jet.)

There's definitely a thrill level that goes along with having sex in the air, though attempting it in an airplane lavatory sounds anything but steamy.

But I have good news. A new company out of Las Vegas called Love Cloud is offering "sex flights" over Sin City so you can finally earn your club member badge. (Or whatever.)


Yep. For the bargain basement price of only $799, you can get busy in a Cessna 421 that comes complete with a foam mattress and special sound and light system. Oh, and don't worry -- there's a curtain separating you from the pilot and he'll be wearing noise-canceling headphones so he won't hear you in the throes of passion. (Nice touch.)

And yes -- the dude running the show says the plane will be properly sanitized after each flight, so you don't have to worry about rolling around in someone else's ... ok, I'll shut up now.

I know what you're thinking. This HAS to be some sort of April Fools' joke. Well, as far as I can tell, the company seems legit. There's even a Love Cloud Facebook page, for crying out loud.

Check out this pic of the interior of the plane -- looks pretty real to me!

Love Cloud plane

Wow. Pretty sweet. And I guess that begs the question of whether or not I'd want to get down and dirty in this thing. Hmm.

Why the hell not? (With the right dude, of course. Gotta be somebody with a sense of adventure, I suppose.)

As long as there's absolutely no trace of germs in the cabin, it would probably be pretty cool. Assuming the skies were clear and turbulence-free before takeoff.

Would you join the mile-high club in this plane?


Images via Facebook

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