30 Telltale Signs You're a Military Wife

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Being a military wife may not be a "job," but the women behind all those men in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard live a life like no other. They're brave. They're strong. And they can pack a house up like nobody's business!


So what makes a military wife? Other than the fact that she's got a husband in uniform? We asked women who are married to servicemen to share some of their favorite signs that they are SUCH a military wife, and some are pretty hilarious!

Here's what they said ...

1. You call your husband by his last name.

2. You don't know your husband's friends' first names!

3. You have packing your house up down to a science.

4. When you're asked to spell your name, and you say, "Charlie, Alpha ..."

5. You call his underwear BVDs.

6. Your home phone has one area code, and your cellphone has another.

7. You're tempted to salute instead of putting your hand on your heart when you hear the National Anthem.

8. You don't even blink when you hear a helicopter ... or gunfire.

9. You can rattle off his Social Security number but have to think about your own.

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10. The under-side of your furniture is covered in TMO stickers.

11. You write everything in pencil because it's probably going to change (especially his return date).

12. You plan vacations around deployments (and it's always to go back home to visit family anyway).

13. You've been to three different colleges trying to finally finish that bachelor's degree.

14. You stand before every movie.

15. You carry your cellphone EVERYWHERE just in case he calls (yes, you've even put it in a plastic bag and taken it into the shower).

16. You tell time in "hundred hours."

17. You want to take the hats off the men at a stadium during the National Anthem.

18. You can tell if a Marine is out of regulation.

19. Your address book is completely in pencil.

20. Your closet has more camo than any other color.

21. You're itching to move after 2 1/2 years.

22. You're on a first name basis with everyone from the post office.

23. You hear your husband went for a "hump" and aren't worried about him cheating.

24. You wish the commissary would open on Mondays.

25. You've known your BEST friend for three months, and she'd show up in the delivery room if you asked.

26. You keep track of the time by "Reveille," "Retreat," and "Taps."

27. You've told the dog to "stand down."

28. You know how to get black boot polish out of carpet.

29. You have to escort your friends to your house.

30. You almost never celebrate a holiday or birthday on the actual day.

All right, add yours!

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