Astounding Number of Men Say They've Had 'Unwanted Sex'

Throw out everything you know about sexual aggression and coercion and get ready for this next bit of information to blow your mind. Nearly half of high school- and college-aged men claim to have experienced "unwanted sexual contact" from a female aggressor.

According to a study published in the American Psychological Association journal, Psychology of Men and Masculinity, a survey of 284 young men found that a whopping 18 percent reported forceful sexual coercion, 31 percent claimed to have been verbally coerced, and 26 percent said they were seduced by "sexual behaviors."

Half of the men that experienced the coercion reported that they ended up having sex against their will.


Is this an indication of female empowerment gone too far? Are we now just taking it from these guys even when they don't want it? And how are we even getting it? For the most part, guys are bigger and stronger than us ... in theory it shouldn't be that difficult to gently push a forward female off his person, should a guy not want it.

I'm guessing that the majority of women that seduce unsuspecting males do so more psychologically than physically. All it might take is a well-placed comment about him not being masculine enough to do the deed to fire up that male competitiveness.

Regardless of how it happens, Dr. Bryana French, the co-author of the study, believes that more research needs to be done on male sexual victims and how to help them. Being dudes, they have a hard time even coming forward about it, and when they do, they are reluctant to describe the coercion in detail. She said, "But when asked if it happened, they say it happened."

Are you surprised that so many men claim to have had unwanted sex?


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