10 Reasons Not to Pay Someone to Live-Tweet Your Wedding

Because all the things must now be documented on social media (dinner never happened if it wasn't Instagrammed), the latest trend to hit the wedding scene is hiring a social media wedding concierge.

The W Hotel in New York City is currently promoting the new service, which will run you $3,000 to "borrow" one of W's social media experts for your big day. In a promotional email to the Huffington Post, they claim, "From live tweets and #hashtags to Vine videos and Instagram filters, W's Social Media Wedding Concierge will document the 'I Dos' and encourage guests to utilize a dedicated wedding hashtag for every one of their posts."


Oh what a world we live in, eh? I love modern technology and social media as much as the next millennial, but at a certain point, enough is enough.

Here are 10 reasons hiring a social media concierge for your wedding is a terrible idea.
  1. Your friends will spend more time following your wedding hashtag than enjoying themselves.
  2. The Maid of Honor speech may be interrupted by your social media concierge asking everyone to retweet that.
  3. Do you really want a sober professional documenting your open bar wedding?
  4. Your friends will do it for free (unless you're Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and have banned cellphones from your wedding, that is).
  5. It's $3,000.
  6. PR social media often lacks personality, and you might want some of that on one of the most personal days of your life.
  7. It's pretentious.
  8. No one not at your wedding cares, except maybe your new husband's ex-girlfriend.
  9. It's $3,000.
  10. There's a good chance you'll fail to make your own memories.

Did I mention that it's $3,000? Tell you what. For the price of a plane ticket and a night at the W, I'll live-tweet your wedding for free.

Would you consider hiring a social media wedding concierge?


Image via Wonderlane/Flickr

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