Men Claim They Want Sex 4 Hours a Day & We’d Like to See Them Try

superhero in the sackWhen it comes to sex, the difference between fantasy and reality could be a matter of 4 hours and 12 minutes. Well, that's according to a survey of men on how they'd most like to spend their time. A study sponsored by Unilever deodorants asked men what their "ideal" day would look like, and men said it would include spending 4 hours and 19 minutes having sex.

Wow, guys! That's super ambitious. I have many thoughts on that subject. Let's start with the math, though. An average session of intercourse usually lasts 3 to 7 minutes. What are you planning to do with the extra 4 hours and 12 minutes?


The guys in the study didn't specify whether that 4-plus hours of sex included foreplay, but I'm kind of thinking maybe it should? Because this sounds incredibly strenuous to me. Like, akin to marathon running. How do you train for that? I'm really curious. I don't doubt there are guys who can keep it going for an hour or two, but FOUR!

So let's just assume the guys are including foreplay here. Four hours and 12 minutes of that and making sure your female partner is a happy customer. Now THAT'S an idea I could get behind. Er, well, you know what I mean. And since women are multiorgasmic, this means you're enabling your ladies to go for seconds, maybe even thirds. There is PLENTY of time for that.

So really, what this survey is saying is that the "ideal" day for men would include 4 hours of getting a woman's rocks off. Blowing our minds. Making our toes curl. You know what? That sounds like my "ideal" day as well. Glad we're all on the same page here. Just one more question: How do you feel about making it an even 4 hours and 20 minutes?

Would you want to spend 4 hours and 19 minutes on sex?


Image via Ocean/Corbis

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