A Day in the Life of a 'Facebook Marriage' (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Mar 17, 2014 Love & Sex

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Sigh. You know what I most definitely want to have in my next life? A Facebook marriage. Not your regular husband and wife struggling to balance work, their relationship, and kids kind of marriage most of us are accustomed to.

Nope. That's for the birds. But if we could all live in the perfect utopia that is the type of marriage people can't resist trying to paint a picture of on Facebook? There would be, like, zero divorces in this country.

Why would anyone want to leave something so pure, blissful, euphoric, and simply freakin' awesome?!? It would be like being on vacation or attending a super cool party or something -- every day for the rest of your life.

Check out these photos to get a true glimpse of what life inside a Facebook marriage looks like.

It's where it's at, people.

Do the liars people who post about their flawless, wonderful marriage on Facebook make you want to scream?


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  • Morning Snuggles


    You awaken in each other's arms after a passionate night of lovemaking. You listen closely and -- yes! The kids are sleeping in. You make out like teenagers because who cares about morning breath? You even have time for a quickie before breakfast. Score.

  • Breakfast of Champions


    While the family enjoys a nutritious breakfast together, you sneak kisses in while making lunches and getting backpacks together. He gives you a playful pat on the butt before heading off to work. You pause, smile, and pinch yourself because you can't believe how hot he is.

  • Best Hubby EVER!


    At around 10 a.m. -- the doorbell rings. Surprise! Your amazing partner in every aspect of life sent you flowers. Again. Just because. Swoon.

  • Lunch Date!


    Since it's Tuesday, you get all gussied up and head over to the hubster's office -- then he takes you to your favorite restaurant for lunch. Like he does every week -- because he's that incredible.

  • Take a Load Off!


    He comes home from work a little early and tells you to put your feet up so he can massage them. He knows you've had a long day. And that you're worth it.

  • Super Dad


    Not only does he successfully prepare a four-course dinner while you relax -- he also gets the kids bathed and put to bed so the two of you can enjoy some alone time in peace.

  • Dinner for Two


    You dine by candlelight, exchanging suggestive glances throughout the entire meal. And duh, he does the dishes afterward so you have a little extra time to enjoy a hot soak in the tub before slipping into something more comfortable.

  • Counting Your Blessings


    The house is quiet and it's just the two of you, all cozy in your bed. But before turning in, you both take the time to log onto Facebook and remind the world how lucky, blessed, in love, and totally enamored of every aspect of your married life you are. (You know, just in case you didn't quite convince everyone the 10,000 times before that.)

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