5 Worst Things That Happened to Couples Before Their Weddings

upset brideAnyone who's planned a wedding knows the kind of stress that creates. Finding the perfect venue, how much to spend on flower arrangements, do you sit your feuding, divorced parents at the same table? However, those issues pale in comparison to what some couples go through. For a select, very unfortunate few, "wedding disaster" means something infinitely worse than a crappy DJ. Here are the stories of five unlucky couples.

  1. Wedding debt is a nightmare for newlyweds. So it's understandable that Christina Scheuplein and her fiance Ray De Santiago wanted to pay for as much as they could with cash. So in the week leading up to their big day, they took out the $6,000 they had saved. Though just days before the wedding, they were robbed and all the cash was stolen. Out with the cash went their dream wedding. Fortunately, they had a tech-savvy best man who started a GoFundMe page for the couple, and they were able to exceed their $6,000 goal.
  2. The morning of her wedding, a bride-to-be in Kent, Washington had her $6,000 gown stolen from her car. Yes. The Dress. Arguably the most important part of the entire ceremony (at least from the bride's perspective). A 911 dispatcher saved the day by offering to lend the distraught woman the dress she had worn at her own wedding just 18 months earlier. As fate would have it, both dresses were purchased at the same store and the women happened to be the same size.
  3. Yes, the day is all about the bride, but it wouldn't be as special without those faithful bridesmaids. So you can understand the horror of hearing that five members of the wedding party were injured in a head-on collision. Luckily, they escaped serious harm and were treated at the hospital for broken bones and non-life-threatening injuries.
  4. A week before his wedding, Bill Murray boarded a boat with his future father-in-law. Together, they would sail from Lake Worth, Florida to the Bahamas where the wedding was to take place. But a crazy storm turned the usually seven-hour trip into a nightmare. The engines and radio went dead and they were lost at sea. After 40 hours adrift, they were spotted by a cargo ship and rescued.
  5. An Augusta, Georgia couple lost everything in a house fire one month before their nuptials. One of the few things that was amazingly left unscorched was a Bible verse that read, "So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." That sentiment has kept the couple's spirits high. They feel that may have lost their things, but they still have each other.

Do you have a story to share about a bride and groom who faced a pre-wedding disaster?


Image via Thomas Schweizer/Corbis

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