[UPDATED] Strangers Agree to Have First Kiss Filmed & We Can't Look Away (VIDEO)

first kiss video stillUPDATE: Turns out, this is actually an advertisement for clothes, and most of these so-called "strangers" are professional models or actors.

If you've signed onto Facebook today, you've probably already encountered a short indie film called "First Kiss" that has positively blown up. The premise: director Tatia Pilieva "asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time ..."

Said strangers look like they could've all stepped out of an episode of Girls or, for a throwback reference, are 2014's answer to the cast of the 1993 film Singles. In other words, they're relatively attractive, gay, straight, and look uber-fashionable filmed in black and white. The clip follows their awkward journey from meeting for the first time to doing the tongue tango, and apparently, this is supposed to strike us as moving, intriguing, and most befuddling, romantic ...

Check it out:



Apparently, one of the big takeaways from the film is that it shows the importance of human connection (hmm) and how fascinating it is that humans can develop such a strong attraction for one another so quickly. Call me cold-hearted, but I can't help but see this as really contrived. And seeing people gushing about it all over Facebook and Twitter is actually sort of sad.

Maybe that's because all it really serves to affirm is how brainwashed we are by romance in media. How it's been drilled into our brains time and again to believe in insta-fairy tales. (Cough, The Bachelor!) If anything, this video only serves to show us how quickly we can get horny (cuz, let's be real, we have more in common with animals than we'd care to admit) or, at the most, develop feelings of lust. And that's all well and good, because there is totally a time and place for all of that! Sure, even with strangers! (Just use a condom, please.) But it's not romantic.

Real romance and actually heart-stopping, SEXY kissing stems from more than physical attraction. There's nothing compelling about a kiss that gets its heat from nothing more than, "Hi. You're hot." Romantic films only make our hearts soar when we're invested in the characters and their connection. Not seeing that here -- no matter how times the words "beautiful," "stunning," or even "fascinating" are used to describe total strangers locking lips.

What do you think about this film? Do you agree you need to share a deeper connection than physical attraction for a truly romantic kiss?


Image via Tatia PIlieva/YouTube

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