$99 Wedding Dress Captures What the Big Day Should Be All About

wedding dress H&MH&M made a wedding dress for $99. Hip hip hooray and a cherry on top. Pardon my non-excitement. It's a pretty dress. Someone would make a beautiful bride in that dress. But it's just a white dress. Any white dress can be a wedding dress. Any dress of any color can be a wedding dress. The excitement I have more is that it's being billed as a wedding dress and it's just $99. Because most wedding dresses cost about the same as a used car, some are even as pricey as a down-payment on a house. All for a dress worn once.

Slap the "wedding" tag on anything -- flowers, shoes, jewelry, suits, catering -- and the price too often swells. Weddings are a business, I get that. But maybe we all need to be focusing more on the romantic element of a wedding and less on the economic.


It's easy to slip into the whirlwind of getting married and forget about price tags and hope for that fantasy dress with a fantasy ring and a fantasy veil and fantasy shoes and a fantasy garter that has diamonds on it and costs as much as a week's worth of groceries. Many of us do it or we dream it and wish we could have the six-figure wedding and beg, borrow, and charge up the credit cards in order to come as close to having it as we can. 

I'll admit my wedding dress cost way too much money. It was gorgeous, yes. But looking back now I should have kept looking and wore the beautiful vintage dress I ended up finding and loving for $40. (Thank you, Mom and Dad, for helping me buy that fantasy dress, by the way. I'm sorry my marriage ended in divorce and that dress is now in your attic, a reminder of spending way too much money on a dress.)

My divorce had nothing to do with the cost of the wedding dress. And even if my marriage didn't end, I still think I spent too much on it. That money could have helped pay for a car or the down payment on a house or taken a huge chunk out of the student loans I am still paying back and will probably be forevermore.

The Washington Post reported that the average cost of a wedding is $28,000. My goodness! Writer Caitlin Dewey says that this dress is "turning the psychology of weddings on its head" and does so by smashing the message that you have to spend a lot on your wedding because that proves how serious you are about getting married.  

Let's remember that a wedding is about love. The love of two people. Not the love of a dress or a ring or the appetizers. So while I love that H&M has made a $99 wedding dress (that will be available for purchase later this month), there are other dresses out there that can be your wedding dress for less. It's not what you are wearing -- it's the quality of the person you are marrying that is most important.

What do you think of the cost of anything wedding related? Are you happy to see a $99 wedding dress?


Image via H&M

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